Would You Like to Meet My Friends?

Submitted by Grace J. on Sat, 03/30/2019 - 17:20

Would you like to meet my friends?
You would? Hurrah!
I’m sure they are the finest group
Of folks I ever saw

Let’s begin with Lucy,
The dear, brave, and sweet girl.
She’s gentle yet faithful
Through ev’ry adventure.

And that’s Pollyanna,
Standing by the window.
She’s most remarkable
Among everyone I know.

Her life was not easy,
But she still played the game.
She would count her blessings
Whene’er troubles came.

Of course there is Lady Carliss,
Standing in the corner.
On fire for the Prince,
A strong, courageous fighter.

Sir Bently and Lady Eirywn—
Now there are great souls!
Working to help the poor
And suffering among the people.

And Christy, a caring woman,
Planned to change lives, not
Tackle immense hardships.
But the stubborn girl fought!

But wait—you cannot leave!
You haven’t met Drew!
Now his life was special;
The things he went through!

I heard of his journey
And my eyes were opened.
I gained a new awareness
The longer I read.

Lillian and Mary
Lived out surrender.
And through them I saw
God’s plan and His power.

These two godly woman
Cared about the lost and orphaned.
Though they faced many fears,
They followed God’s commands.

And, of course, there is Sam;
Perhaps you’ve met him before.
He was brave and trustworthy,
No matter what was in store.

He would face any danger
While following his friend.
He would stick by his side
And fight ‘til the end.

And, finally, you must
Meet my dear friend Katie.
Her life and her story
Forever changed me.

She went to the hurting,
To the poor and alone.
Yet among the people
Was a joy she’d not known.

She taught me all about
Love, impact, surrender.
I would not be me
Had it not been for her.

But, truth be told,
That could be said
Of so many others
Whose stories I’ve read.

Each of these friends
Has a place in my heart.
Each of these friends
Has shaped me in part.

They teach me about the world,
About truth and beauty.
They ignite flames of hope
And determination in me.

Some friends are for seasons,
Like those that I knew
As a child; those friends
Who watched while I grew.

Yet others are constant,
Friends I’ll have always.
Through my ev’ry season,
No matter the phase.

What about you?
Who are your friends?
How have they helped
You grow or to mend?

I know that these friends
Are just, oh, so dear.
So please share their names;
I’d love to hear!

Sarah Clarkson, “I know that the books I read deeply shape the person I am becoming day by day.”

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Thank you both! I'm so glad you liked it!
Yes, it is Katie from "Kisses From Katie". That is one of my all-time favorite books, and I'm so excited you're going to read it!!!

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