Delmos Residue Pt. II

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Williams sighed as he leaned back in his chair. Finally, after years of working, fighting and dreaming, he was ready. He grinned, and muttered to himself, "Tomorrow, we leave tomorrow."
He jumped as his geo-cell buzzed. Flipping the top up, he glanced at the caller ID. It was an unknown number, apparently not in the Geo-centric Call Identifier network. Williams pressed the "Receive" button, and leaned back in his chair. "Carthagon."
"Carthagon, William A. Captain, Delmos Special Forces, 154th Division. Retired?" The voice sounded bored, as if reading from a script.
"Yes. What do you want?" William replied, resisting the temptation to groan.
"Delmos Planetary Security Agency, Agent Coplan speaking. We have a question for you."
"Yes, sir?"
"I see here that you recently bought an old spaceship and that you are having it refurbished, am I right?"
"Yes, sir. That is correct."
"And over the past 6 years, you have been buying up weapons, explosives and special forces gear, correct?"
"Yes, sir."
"My question is," Coplan paused for a second, and William was sure he heard the rustling of paper. The agent continued, "What do you intend to use the spaceship, weapons and supplies for?"
Willaims cleared his throat. He hated to do this, but he was about about to seriously annoy a government agent.
"That, sir, is none of your business. Suffice to say that I will not cause any harm to come to Delmos, be it diplomatic or physical." He winced as Coplan's voice aquired a snobbish whine.
"You would dare to patronize me? Don't you realize, Carthagon, that I could have you jailed?"
"Captain Carthagon to you, sir."
"You think I care about your rank?"
"You should, sir. I kept your job safe for six years."
"Kept MY job safe? You have a lot of nerve t-"
"That I do, sir. That's how I managed to make it to Captain."
"Don't interrupt m-"
"Very sorry, sir. It won't happen again." William grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. After a few years of dealing with the typical government snobs trying to override his orders when he was in the military, he had aquired a knack for putting them in their place.
Coplan coughed before continuing, "Back to my question. What do you int-"
"Sir, I intend to fly that spaceship to some remote planet where I will immediately waste several thousand rounds of ammunition in target practice."
Coplan paused for a long time. Finally he said, "Alright, sir. Just be careful." William heard the connection close, and then flipped his geo-cell closed.
He didn't know if Coplan actually bought his story, or if he merely decided to use other means of finding out. Personally, William didn't care a bit. He'd be gone tomorrow. Let Coplan do whatever he wanted, he wouldn't find much.

William turned his car into the bay, glancing at his rearview monitor to assure that the truck turned behind him. The glinting rays of the sun just barely peaked over the horizon as William stepped out of his car and approached the unusual sign on the door of the hanger. He nearly swore as he read the large lettering.
"This building and all contents impounded, by order of D. T. Epham, Director, Delmos Planetary Security Agency."
A man in a grey uniform rounded the corner of the hangar and approached. As he came within speaking distance, he said, quietly, "Agent Blaston, Delmos Planetary Security Agency. This hangar has been impounded and is out-of-bounds for civilians."
Williams pulled his shoulders back, and barked out. "I'm no civvie. Captain Carth of the Delmos Special Forces. I was sent here by your director to check the cargo against a list of stolen Special Forces weapons."
"Why aren't you in uni-" Williams cut him off abruptly.
"You're supposed to salute a superior officer! And while you're at it, would you MIND opening the door for me?"
The agent timidly saluted, then scampered to unlock the door. Williams glanced at Petty and Johnson behind him, and flashed a quick wink, before turning to Agent Blaston with a severe scowl.
"Can't you move any faster? I haven't got all day!"
The door was finally opened, and the agent stood aside as Williams strode past, Petty and Jonhson following closely behind. The door shut quietly behind them.
"Alright, you lug-headed corporals, get moving before I take your stripes!" William shouted, winking again at Petty and Johnson.
They quickly crossed the hangar to the spaceship. As Petty opened the hatch, William spoke quietly. "We'll have to leave the food supplies. No way we could sneak them past Blaston without arousing suspicion. Johnson, as soon as we leave, I want you to chart me a course to the nearest agricultural station. We'll pick up food there." Johnson nodded as Petty swung the hatch door wide.
With a huge mock bow, Petty shouted loud enough for Blaston to hear. "Right in here, your majesty."
William grinned and bellowed back. "For that, I'm taking your stripes. PRIVATE Deck!" They ducked into the spaceship, and Petty quickly fastened down the hatch.
It took but a few minutes to check the gear, and then settle in their seats. Williams quickly ran through the silent start checklist as he muttered. "Absolutely NO noise until we're ready to blast out of here. Petty, as soon as I hit the engine ignition, I want the hangar bay doors open. Johnson, begin vectoring in the proper departure procedure codes."
There were a few moments of silence before William punched the "Engine Ignition" button. Immediately, the bay doors began opening. The engines flared to life with a roar, and in a half-second, all three were pinned in their seats as the craft shot out of the hangar like a rocket. As they emerged into the daylight, William caught a fleeting glimpse of Agent Blaston running for his life. He smirked. The blast of the engines probably sounded like a major explosion.
Within a few seconds, they were shooting skyward at nearly five thousand miles per second. Johnson spoke into the intercom. "Captain, I found an agricultural station nearby. Ready for me to vector it in?" Williams gave his assent. The ship changed course slightly, and continued its flight. Johnson spoke again. "Fifteen minutes and forty-two seconds to the station."

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Well written, humorous, descriptive--I could almost hear the craft shooting upward. Also, catching beginning sentence. Great work!

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I'm not sure I quite get what's going on, but I like it. And great humour as well. ;)

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I think the third section (soon to be published) will explain what's going on here.. and why. ;)

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