Submitted by Heather Jones on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 00:25

My heart pales.
A sickening feeling,
Creeping up my
And spreading through my chest.

The world is mad.
Hatred, spinning;
Laughing like a lunatic
With eyes the size of saucers.

Can my heart throw up?
This black is darker than
Darkness. Thick, like
Ooze, and gross - drown,
Suck you under.

It's a vortex; takes your
Soul away from you.
This is the path
Of darkness.
Of madness.
Of sickness.

Look to all the things
You think you want, but they
Are masks for
Terrors we cannot defeat.

Eerie laughing. "Walk this way!"
Dancing like something possessed,
Or zombified; it
What chance do we have
Against this stench of death?

"Every chance." A voice behind
Can clear your mind. Exhale;
You can face the darkness.
O, where is your sting,
You mindless evil?
It is gone.

Flee in terror,
You sickening terrors,
For the Light that so shines
Will come down from heights
Unreachable to you.

The Death of Death!
He reigns in the skies!
The Almighty Healer,
The wielder of cures,
Like swords; killer of
The Virus.

Some laugh and say
Light never lasts; that
Darkness is an ever-present
Evil that can snuff the light,
But those people
Do not know my Father.

Contrary to
Popular belief, Light
Is ever-present,
Fiercer than darkness,
Poison to pain.

You will not win, you
Despicable darkness.
Cower beneath the shadows
While you can.
They won't be there forever.

You will be wiped out.
You will dissipate
To nothingness,
For this Light
Can snuff out darkness.

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Wrote this after getting completely fed up with the darkness that is in the world today. It's just all so messed up, but one day it'll all be gone. I am so excited for that day, guys. I'm just so thankful that we aren't going to have to live with this disgusting sickness forever.


You articulate this feeling of disgust. Thank you for voicing my own feelings on this issue!! Well done.

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

Wow, goodness me, Heather. This is all so true. You have perfectly put to words the triumph of our God over the evils in this world. Sometimes I can't believe that I live in a modern society, because all these 'modern' people are acting like animals. So heartless, hateful, possessive, competitive, when we should all be cheering each other towards the one goal that matters: eternal life with the Living God. Thank you for writing a piece that opens a window to the Light. I love it so much!!

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Your support is so wonderful and I genuinely appreciate your feedback. <3 Y'all are awesome!

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