I am Nate-Dude

Favorite Word(s)
What??? Uh...I don't have any. Except Keanoko.
Who am I?

NO KING BUT KING JESUS--Matto of the Revolutionary War 

Wow, I haven't been on here for years. I'm out of the loop for sure. Got too busy with high school and work, and friends. No changes planed. Sorry I was a jerk to some of you guys. The smarter I get, the more I know I'm usually wrong.

Hello,I'm Nate-Dude!I'm the oldist of 4. some of the things I like are:family,Legos,animals,swimming,hiking,movies, videogames,sledding,eating,making movies,dinosaurs,and of course Jesus!My favorite movies are: Star Wars, Narnia, Indiana Jones (But could some one please tell him to watch his mouth!?)Jurassic Park,any thing Pixar(Of Course!) I will never be too old for toys!My family has 5 quads,and if you don't know what those are, get a life!!! We take them down to these sand dunes. the dune are so big...very pretty.God is creativ.my big falt is,I'm scared of...SPIDERS!I'm not sceard of snakes, but I'm SO sceard of spiders! My spelling is really bad too.(this website needs a spell checker!)I really tall. In fact taller 97\% of all other kids my age!!! but I'm not fat! Or big. Just tall.I love Christian music.


Updated Bio:   I Love: God, Jesus, my Savor, and Lord. My Dad, Mom, sisters: Silla (14), Abby (11), Lizzy Lou (5) and my dogs, Dusty and Macayla.  Christian music.  My favorite artists are TobyMac, and Hawk Nelson, and Skillet. Other than that there are too many to chose from.  My favorite cars are made by Chevrolet. You just can’t beat American cars.  I Hate: OBAMACARE!!! I dislike Idiots. I can’t stand picky eaters. My sister Abby is one and I can’t stand it!!! I will eat almost anything without complaint (except for raw fish, which I have had in sushi). I hate Toyota, Honda, and any other foreign made cars! I can not text, it drives me crazy.     Weird Food I Have Eaten: Raw fish, rattlesnake (tastes like chicken), squid (tastes like flavorless chicken), alligator (chicken), and deer heart (steak).