Friend's War 8

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Their boat swiftly drifted toward an island that Napa called Metru Nui. Kryztan's new mask felt smooth as he ran his fingers down it. Laker had made it before Napa found him and dragged him off like he did to the others. In fact Tellix was the only one who never resisted when Napa came to "recruit" them. She was eager to explore and desperately needed friends. "It’s a  good thing you brought that mask with you, Laker." Ponick commented. Kryztan silently agreed and nodded his thanks. 
"Were are we wave-riding to?" Keanoko demanded (He wasn't happy they took a boat. He wished a bird was available). "To Metru Nui, like I said." Answered Napa.
"Yeah, but what is that!"
"It was once a great metropolis." Napa began. "It thrived with matoran. It was an amazing island. At lest until makuta put Mata Nui to sleep."
"How did he do that?" Asked Tellix.
"Trickery. It's a long story. Anyway, the city was invaded by visorak and now lies in ruin. But all the matoran are safe, on another island."
They tried to get him to them what island but he refused. Now what are visorak (Viz-O-rock)? Well you and I would call them four-legged spiders. Only huge, hairless with venomous fangs and launchers naturally located on their backs that shoot spinning disks that will do something unpleasant if they hit you. Anyway the island came into view and Tellix gasped. It was covered in huge green webs and was falling to pieces. "Now that," Keanoko said, "makes our island look all cuddle-soft." "No kidding." Ponick agreed. 
They landed ashore some time later. Tellix tied up the boat as Napa gave them instructions: "Laker and I need to go look for something. An ancient artifact." "What kind of artifact?" Kryztan asked. 
"That you don't need to know. We'll be right back. The rest of you stay behind and watch out for trouble. There's some good weapons in the boat for you." So Kryztan, Keanoko, Tellix and Ponick all took some thing from the boat as Laker and Napa walked off. There were disks (a weapon matoran throw at attackers. Most useful for knocking of rahi masks) and large daggers. Keanoko strung his bow and the four matoran climbed to the top of a broken pillar (about thirty feet high) to keep watch. "I ever-like tree high pillar! Far from water." Keanoko said satisfied when they reached the top. Tellix knew a little about visorak and sheared some of her knowledge with the others.
Though limited as her facts were, it would take me too long to tell what she said, which is a shame because they are incredibly interesting. But they have their different elements which means different characteristics so it would take awhile for me to tell you about. Also, visorak are not classified with ta, po, so on. They have different names, but it would take me to long to tell you those as well.
Keanoko was fascinated with the city and keep his eyes out for souvenirs that might be buried in the rubble. Ponick sheared his interest, said "Just imagine what this place used to look like!"
"Yeah! I love it here! Keanoko agreed. 
"And see those carvings? They were made by po-matoran, like myself. I wish I could have worked alongside of them."
Tellix was worried about what might be larking in the shadows of once great buildings. While Keanoko and Ponick saw adventure and excitement she saw pain and loss. It may have comforted her to know that most visorak had left the island. Still it would have done no good to know this, for some spider planed on having matoran for lunch. He had invited a few friends to join him and they silently crawled down their webs to the pillar were the four victims sat. proteced by the shadow of a tower, they moved swiftly downward. A green one stopped readied his launcher, took aim next to Keanoko and fired. He hit his target dead accurate, right next to the matoran (He didn't want to hit Keanoko because then there would be nothing left of his meal). Keanoko yelled as a disk smashed the ground near his foot and part of the pillar dissolved from under him. he fell off the pillar head first but managed to grab on a green sticky web. the other visorak jumped from their perch, landing around the surprised matoran. One snapped at Tellix, who did a back flip off the pillar and caught Keanoko's web. The force of her landing almost knocked Keanoko off. "Watch it." He snapped. A visorak jumped to the web. "Great! You led-bring it to us. now we just hangin' like a present for it!"
"Fallow me!" Tellix called as she swung off the web. "Whoa." Keanoko whistled. He did the same right before venoms fangs closed around his head.
They fell fifteen feet and landed on a network of webs, close enough for the two to easily walk on. The visorak was close behind snapping at them as they ran.
Back on the pillar Kryztan hurled his disk at the closest visorak. It knocked it of the edge of the pillar, but it was able to grab hold again. One dove for Ponick and pinned him to the ground. He reached for his dagger a struggled to no avile. Kryztan leapt onto the monster's back and sunk his dagger in deep. Or at lest that was the plan, but the knife slipped on the visorak's smooth shell, right out of Kryztan's hand and off the pillar. both were at the mercy of the visorak (who didn't have any). Just as it was going to kill Ponick, a disk hit it hard and it fell of the pillar. Laker swung on a web to the rescue, smashing a visorak in the eye with he's armored foot, and killing it with he's, matoran sized, sword. One visorak shot a disk at him but he side stepped it and it hit a visorak behind him. The visorak reared with pain as it was engulfed in intense flam. It staggered back, and fell. As for the last visorak, Laker slid under it a stuck his sword all the way through. The creature jerked, hissed and died, blood oozing from it's mouth. Laker stood, dusted his hands, and asked where the other two were. Kryztan pointed at two matoran, franticly climbing up the sticky green threads of the visorak.
Tellix looked back at keanoko and shrieked, "Hurry! It's right behind you!!!"
Keanoko look down in time to see the visorak's jaws clap around his leg. He screamed as it pulled him away from freedom. Venom soared though his body. He twisted and cried with pain. We may have seen the last of him if not for Napa. He was behind the visorak and plunged a sword into to the visorak's leg. Keanoko lost he's vision for a few seconds. All he could hear was a shriek from the visorak and a yell from Tellix and Napa. When he could see again he was hanging from his foot on a web. He reached to try to climb back on but the web snapped. He plummeted through the air. the last thing he saw was a dagger fly into the visorak's eye and out the other.
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"the last thing he saw was a dagger fly into the visorak's eye and out the other."...nasty!

 Pretty good. I have to admit, JJ was watching some of these videos on and I was quite wrapped up in it for a minute there. Was that spider thing you were decribing in one of those? I think I remember seeing something where they were battleing a big bug thing. ('s the lego version of Shelob from LoTR)

Oh, another question - are the Matoren the "good guys" and the Visorak the "bad guys"?

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville

HEEEEE!!!! Thank you thank you! Thank you for commenting.  Ok, which video? give me the name.

Yes the matoran are the good guys, but you really can't say a visorak is a bad guy. For one, they aren't guys. Second, they aren't evil, just mean, like snakes.

I guess I have to read NF9 now. I'll do it as soon as I can.