The Warrior's Call

Submitted by Joy J. on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 02:16

A world deeply crushed and broken
Bending under the heavy weight
Of wickedness, and destruction
Envy, lust, and terrible hate

Utter shock at the truth, mouths drop
Lives are shaken, and worlds are rocked
At evil’s power that won’t stop
Wicked hearts, shut up and locked

Sin and pride, the love of power
Hatred spikes with limitless scope
Trying to snuff every flower,
Every glimmer of truth or hope

Across a suffering world in pain
In broken countries and nations
Where darkness seems to rule and reign…
Hearts of courage are unfurled

Simple and powerful devotion
To a loving Father in heaven;
To those whose hearts are open
A fire is born, a vision given

A heart fairly dancing with life!
Their story simply must be shared
A love that this world cannot bind...
The devil’s now the one who’s scared.

They have heard the warrior’s call!
The shofar blown, so far it sounds!
In adoration at His feet they’ll fall
In victory many souls will be found!

All of the locked and wicked hearts
Cannot resist the Lord who reigns!
Who mends the life torn into parts
And frees the souls all bound in chains

It starts in the quiet mornings,
The war commences on our knees
Voices in homes, in praise they sing
Their prayers move the greatest seas!

Speak the name of Jesus!

But structured, comfy faith, won’t change;
Dear friend, that simply won’t transform.
Unarmed soldiers, little praying –
Can they withstand the darkest storm?

Be a warrior!

God’s urgent call to rise and fight
It’s time to armor up and pray,
All His children He does invite
To tell the whole world of the Way

Precious souls are on the line
No fear of man, and zero shame
For the truth we know, it is divine
So in you let Him light the flame

May Elohim give boldness to us all…
Will you answer the warrior’s call?

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Aw, thanks so much Libby!! <3 That means a lot to me! :)

C.S. Lewis ~ "He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."