Favorite Word(s)
Who am I?

That is a good question.... Hmmm. Who am I?


HA! I tricked you into thinking I was going to tell you, didn't I?!?!?!?! So, you were wrong in thinking that, becuase you'll never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well... Actually, I might tell a tweeny weeny bitsy bit...


Scroll down...




More, please....









Even more...




STOP!!!!!! Okay... close your eyes.... All-righty.... Open them and scroll down a bit more!!!!!






Hmmmm.... Ok. I've decided not to tell!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! : ) : P


"Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me! But what about bacteria?"--Tantor the elephant from Tarzan.

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