A Story Born of Randomness by Me and Alecia

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ladykeri (02:17:40 PM): let's write a story together
queenjack (02:17:43 PM): okay!
upon a time
there was a young serf frog named hupert who lived in a pond frog!
and he was a vegetarian, but often he would wish he wasn't because it was so boring, so that he could eat yummy stuff
ladykeri (02:19:18 PM): (this is going great!)
and enjoy his leaping with a full stomached
queenjack (02:19:31 PM): (yeah)
because there is not much energy in grass and it's not very tasty either.
one day he met a wizard named Joe, jo for short
ladykeri (02:20:23 PM): (:D)
and this wizard named Joe, jo for short, said he could turn the frog into a prince, so he could eat all the meat he wanted but only for three days
and only if he never sneezed for a year (dun duh dunnnn!)
this was very hard for him, because he had terribly bad allergies!
so the frog whose name I have already forgotten, cried very hard so hard that he had to climb to high ground to avoid being drown!
and while he was up there he met a nicer wizard who had no stipulations other than
 he had to behave very nicely, and mind his manners, and not
chew with his mouth open so the wizard then said, "by the power invested in me (other than that which is not!) I pronounce you man for 2 days"
ladykeri (02:25:00 PM): the frog prince was too heavy for the tree and broke the branches and fell out right on to a lady riding underneath and she fell in love with him instantly which
slightly disturbed the frog prince because he'd never been one to woo the ladies, and him being a frog at heart, and her being a human...he knew it would never work out so he told her so and she...didn't believe him, and was very offended, because she thought he was just trying to get rid of her which he kind of was so she being her dignified self, left him, vowing never to return even though her silly heart was breaking the frog prince rolled his eyes and wished he could eat his meat and be done. for he could not go back to frog form until midnight then he saw a palace and, forgetting he was a frog, started hopping towards it, making quite seen.
and the king saw him and thought he was the new jester that the employment agency had been late in sending so the king sent him directly down to the kitchen and the maid just happened to be a frog princess who was on her last day as human but neither of them said anything about it to the other because neither had yet found out about the other.
 then the frog price saw a pile of ham freshly done
ladykeri (02:44:12 PM): (hehe frog prince)
queenjack (02:44:16 PM): (hahahahaha)
and could only think of the reason he was even in the palace kitchen. so he walked over to the ham and ate every scrap of it which made some people somewhat grumpy but no one knew who had done it because..... no one had been paying attention---except! the frog princess
 when everyone was gone she went to him said "I did the exact same thing when I first got here too"
 to which he replied, "I suppose there is something strange about the both of us then....."
She laughed and told him that was obvious to her that he was what she was
"A frog prince?" he asked
 "to be sure." she replied with a hop
"but you look like a girl!"
 "and you look like a man."
 "but I'm a frog prince are you sure you're not a frog PRINCESS?"
 "oh don't let's be technical"
ladykeri (02:49:57 PM): (Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb)
 "We're both former frogs"
queenjack (02:50:14 PM): (Mary had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow)
 they went to an nice little Italian restaurant to chat where they ate everything meaty and that made them happy. but then she started to cry because she was soon to be a frog again, and she didn't want to go back and he consoled her and told her that they would figure something out

ladykeri (02:52:54 PM): alsdfkjflkaejroiajfealksjf; lkdnv; akdjhf; ajklsdghkrjghaoiruasklfldkjfa
 and then she looked at him and said, "If, by chance we kiss in human form, it will keep so.....like Ariel the little mermaid. So they kissed and made everything better and they got married and lived happily ever after, on a diet of meat and potatoes. And had three children
 the end!
Author's age when written


Hahahaha, that was funny!!!! It reminds me of the story of Bob the Pickle that my friend and I posted on here ;-D hilarious.

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OMGOSH THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!! I literally burst out laughing at some parts!!!!

and only if he never sneezed for a year (dun duh dunnnn!)


Wonderful, darlings!  I've been trying to read this but I never got enough time, and now I do, and I just did, and I love it!

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That was a wonderful mix of randomness, and sillyness, and it made me very happy, because, those two things mix together perfectly to form something that I call, CRAZINESS! That was a hilarious story, and by the way, craziness is good! (If it's the good kind of crazy... Am I making any sense at all?)

Anyway.... I have a question.... were the potatoes, by any chance, MASHED?!?!??! (Just so you know, I LOVE mashed potatoes...:)

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Thanks everyone from both Alecia and I.

Erin:You're right! haha I didn't even remeber that until you mentioned it but I do now haha that was a great tale no?

Clare: That was the part I thought of yay!

Bridget: Slacker! Just kidding of course

Kendra: Ou made perfect sense. To me anyway. I don't know if the potatoes were mashed. I'll have to ask Alecia because that was her contribution. Bu they were probably mashed. I'll get back to you on that

You know what? I love you guys...

This has got to be one of the funniest thing that I have read in a LONG time! You're both grand.

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Hola everyone! sorry it took so long to reply. I suppose that's what comes of never getting on here. oh well.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! you peoples are the best.

Yes, they were mashed.

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You've returned! Oh frabjous day :D *hug* lol

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville