The Room

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*something I wrote for school*

Upon opening the door, it is evident that this room is indeed a bedroom. A bedspread colored with multiple shades of blue and purple casually drapes over the twin sized bed, as if it was made in a hurry, or out of laziness. Above and to the right of this bed, a window is framed by flowing purple curtains that along with the teal/green color of the wall paint harmoniously matches the color of the bedspread. Immediately to the left of these curtains are two walls, hovering over the bed, covered in colored photos. A closed closet door with a simple red tote bag hanging over the doorknob abruptly cuts off the photos. A step deeper into the room reveals two more twin size beds, bunk beds, immediately across from the first. Each bed has a crocheted blanket folded over the top of bedspreads that are identical to the one draped over the first bed. By the side of the bed is a vibrantly colored stool. On top of the stool is a stack of books, as there is on the floor next to the stool. Next to the books, scattered across the floor are several stray pieces of clothing. Leaning up against the wall, across from the bed stool, a guitar sits with scarves wrapped around its neck. Next to the guitar a spotless body length mirror reflects the other side of the room. To the right of the mirror stands a cluttered, dark colored wooden dresser. Atop this dresser is an alarm clock, a CD player, a large stack of CDs, hair accessories, hand lotion and several bottles of multicolored nail polish. Above the dresser hangs a simple wooden cross, a picture of the Blessed Mother and a calendar. To the right of the dresser a rack hangs on the wall supporting multiple hats, hooded sweatshirts, necklaces and belts. All that is observed in this room tells us that is the sleeping, ‘hanging out’ area and home for teenage girls.
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Pretty cool essay. Nice descriptions.

Whose room is this? Or is it fictional?

Thanks! It was alot of fun to write.

It's actually the room I share with my two older sisters. It's the best place in the world. Despite the crowdedness. ;)