To Mary... With Love, God.

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My Dear Mary,
Do not be afraid. I have a special message for you, my child. These things may sound strange, but be comforted - I am in control and have good plans for your future.
I know you are "only" a fourteen-year-old girl living in the small town of Nazareth. Yet you will fulfill the words of the prophet Isaiah,
"Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
And they shall call his name Immanuel."
Do not fear, Mary, I know you are a virgin and betrothed to be married. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and you shall bear a son. My power will overshadow you, and this is how the child will be born. He shall be called Holy, the Son of God.
I know it does not seem possible, but she who was called barren has conceived. Your relative Elizabeth, even in her old age, is in her sixth month. And her son shall prepare the way for the Son of God.

Mary, did you know, that this will bring you shame? Did you know that you might raise this child on your own? That your husband and family might be shamed and reject you? Did you know you could be stoned? Mary, did you know, this could bring great pain upon you? That your baby boy, has walked where angels trod?
Mary, did you know, that this son of yours, will deliver you? That He will rule the nations? That you will be embarrassed by his teaching? That you will watch him die before your very eyes, and you will bury him?
Did you know, your son will be worshiped? That he will bear the weight of the world on his shoulders? That he will walk with the Lord? That he will walk on water, give sight to the blind? Mary, did you know, your son is the Great I AM?

Behold, My Child, you have found favor with God. I have chosen one unlike the prophets like Moses and Abraham to fulfill prophecies and my perfect plan.
You have faith, Mary.
Will you believe nothing is impossible with God?
Will you remember that I have done great things to you?
Will you magnify the Lord and rejoice in your savior?
Will you remember that I have chosen you for my purposes?
That I love you?

Mary, did you know, this child you bear will break your heart and make it whole?

Have you such faith that you will be my servant, even through this?
Remember, Mary, nothing is impossible with God.

I love you.

- God.

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This was written Christmas Eve 2007. I was up late writing and praying before bed, and this was partly inspired by that and partly by the sermon given by one of the elders in our Church that evening.


This is a great portrait of God's love for us! Especially through his sending Messiah to save ordinary people like us, like Mary; to save Israel, and ultimately the whole world. Thanks for sharing!

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