The Saving of the Apricot

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The news came that fateful day,
"ApricotPie must go away."
The news was met with tears,
For loss of memories of the years.

Some sighed and went on their way,
Others said "No! Apricot must stay!"
We saw no way of saving the pie,
And despaired, thinking it must fly.

Lady Mary founded the outpost,
The cabin the castle to host.
This news was great, yet sighs stayed,
And the best of the situation was made.

Countdowns began,
Tears down cheeks ran,
Stories, comments, and memories were saved,
The roads to the cabin were paved...

There were seven days left.
And we were becoming bereaft -
When the joyous news came
That shall spread Sir James's fame:

For this bold, adamant warrior,
With more tact than a lawyer,
Has saved the pie of Apricot,
Because of the grand
fight he fought.

Three cheers, one and all,
Three cheers, for the Apricot shall not fall:
For the grace of Sir Ben,
Wonderful host of years times ten.

Three cheers, far and wide,
Three cheers, this website should have died,
But for the tenacity of Sir James,
Who understood this is more than games.

The Apriot lives!
The memories are saved!
The literature remains!

May Apricotpie see many more years,
May this castle flourish and grow,
May we, its inhabitants, encourage and challenge,
May we see our children write in this place,
And love it as we do.
And let us never forget the founder Sir Ben,
Nor Sir James,
Who led in the saving of the Apricot.

Three cheers, all!

{many thanks to Nate and Candace who helped me rhyme in our hotel room this afternoon. Anna sent me an email the other day saying "Go to ApricotPie NOW!" and I did and wanted to bounce off the walls of the tiny room right before bed. This was forming in my head as we were around town today and I wrote it out before dinner. Some of the stranger rhymes or phrases are thanks to my dear siblings}

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And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

I KNEW you would respond to that email! 

Inventive rhymes, there. XD

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