Merry Christmas

Submitted by Libby on Fri, 12/29/2017 - 19:16

Excitement fills
Each heart until
The day of Christmas arrives.
The hope of seeing
This thought our hearts now drives:
Prepare for that day
Be merry and gay
Despite the grey outside.
Cook and bake
And frost the cake
Each present make with pride.
But always remember
This month of December
Is not about family members
It’s not about gifts
Or buying from thrifts
With money saved up since November.
We often forget
And have this mindset,
While really we celebrate Christ
Who came down in love
Our Lord from above
To become our great sacrifice.
He came as a man
He came as our God
He came through a virgin’s womb
It was his perfect plan
By this we are awed
For no royalty did he assume.
He lived among those
Who his actions opposed
And yet he loved them still.
Unconditional love
From Messiah above
He his perfect plan fulfilled.
So let us remember this Christmas Day
Not presents, nor food, nor gifts,
But Christ our Lord, Emmanuel,
And let him our hearts lift.
Merry Christmas to all
Near or far
Merry Christmas!

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This is beautiful Libby. Thanks for pointing us to the true meaning of Christmas... even after Christmas! Although technically it's still Christmas, because Christmas is 12 days and doesn't end until January 5th. :) So keep posting away! :D

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Thank you both! I meant to put in the note section why I chose to post this after Christmas. Actually, today, we celebrated Christmas at home, and I was giving a gift to my parents of my 2017 poetry; so I had to write an end piece...
and what better than a Merry Christmas!?

I can see this as something I would read to my children as we sat by the fire after setting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations.

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