Some Things Are Just Meant To Be

Submitted by Libby on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 07:09

I look out around me,
I see the pain, the suffering,
The hurt, the jealousy.
This world is stuck, wondering
whether there’s anything left.
The world’s philosophy
is mixed up with the rest
of everything else,
withered in conceit
and trying to cheat
the world away.
When I ask why, they tell me,
“Some things are just meant to be.”

Why does beauty grow
in the midst of tragedy?
Why does life spring up,
only to be choked by thorn
and brier, ‘til worn
by the weight of it all
it falls.
Yet the ugly things
they flourish—
those weeds who,
despite the courage
of the true,
still live on
while the good perish.
I ask, “How can this be?”
They answer,
“Some things are just meant to be.”

But I am not satisfied
with their reply.

I look to the heavens,
I cry out to Him
who created all things,
who, at a whim,
could make all things right.
“Sovereign God!”
I cry.
“Where have you gone?
Why do you forsake us
when we need you?
Is all that you do
unseen before the world?
Do we wait until
your wrath is unfurled
and your holy will
is set against us?
Sovereign Lord,
see what has become
of the righteous.
We are blamed;
persecuted, shamed;
enflamed with wounds
of oppression.

"Answer me, oh Lord,
for I am not satisfied
with the answer that
some things were just meant to be!
I cannot believe their lies,
while truth has been presented to me!”

I waited for an answer,
but none came—
a change of heart,
but I stayed the same;
no special revelation
was made known to me.

I heard a whisper,
a sound,
like the winds—
but more beautiful
and powerful.

"Who are you
to question the ways
of the Almighty?
Who numbers the days
and who sways
the hearts of mankind?
The Lord God—
true and just.
His will is done.
He calls you to trust
in his unfailing love.
How can you question him?
Some things I meant to be
for purposes
unknown to you.
can question the ways
of the Almighty?"

I bow my head,
in shame do I kneel
before him,
in humility,
in awe
before our God
"Sovereign Lord,"
I say,
"I dare not question you.
Who am I
to stand before your throne?
To ask you 'why'
when I am not my own?
Let your will be done
and your Kingdom come.
Whatever may pass,
whatever may be,
somethings you have meant to be,
oh sovereign Lord."

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