Where the Water Meets the Sky

Submitted by Libby on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 06:45

Where the water meets the sky
Blurring the horizon
Ships are sailing on the clouds
To the world above.
Waves are standing still,
Waiting until
It fades away;
Music from the ocean’s shore
Calls me now to stay.

Sailboats sway in a waltz with the sea
Seagulls laugh as they call out to me
In the sky, so beautifully free.
Silently, I watch them fly away.

Twilight rests upon the waves,
Dancing in the sunlight;
Aft, abroad, the seabirds fly
Down the westward road.
Sun is sinking low,
Turning to go
Beyond the sea.
Night has ended day,
Washed far away

If you wonder where am I,
Beyond the sunshine’s glare
Where the water meets the sky,
You will find me there.

Author's age when written

I wrote this on the westcoast on a visit to California, looking out over the endless ocean--where the water meets the sky. It started out with that simple sentence. This was actually written as a song, so the rhymes and rhythms are not perfect when read; but I hope you enjoy.