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Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Fri, 12/30/2016 - 00:34

A hero, a soldier, a friend, a warrior.
Valiant is he, who fends for another.
The grand caballero, the one to free.
The Valiant Hero, the Valiant Hero is he.

The freer, the seer, the power of the stars.
It is he who wields it, returns what is ours.
The majesty of Earth is what we will see
The Valiant Hero, the Valiant Hero is he.

(This was also from an old story [different old story] that I wrote when I was twelve. It's sorta like a prophecy deal, and it was a King Arthur fairy tale story. I love King Arthur stories.)

There is a difference
Between the quiet and the silence.
Quiet is content,
Quiet is nice.
Silence is hungry,
Silence is ice.

Quiet is friendly,
Quiet is welcoming.
Silence is iron,
Silence is overwhelming.

The quiet is a true friend; it listens and it hears.
The quiet surrounds you, it embraces your tears.
The silence turns its back, when you think you need it most.
The silence wrings sadness from you, it easily breaks your trust.

If you could open me up and see
The silence that overwhelmed me.
If you could read me and repair me
Bring the quiet into me.

(old idea that sounded pretty cool.)


Dreams won't wash away the memories
And the wind won't hide her perfume
But it blows

As I hid below the blades
The Fisher King 'peared by my side
He gently mourned my love
As the rumble slowly died

Dreams won't wash away the memories
And the wind won't hide her perfume
But it blows

(I wrote my own verse of 'The Fisher King' by Anuna to fit a coming chapter of Since The Day You Left. The Fisher King represents a new character.)


Beyond The Old Tree (Beyond Memories)
Wait for me
Beyond the old tree
Beyond my known memory

You will be
In my heart, next to me

Can it be
For the years since the day I left
You had waited for me?

You waited for a broken me
And saw all I'd been,
All I'd be
You waited for broken me

At the grave
Of the one you lost
You suffered the pain
Suffered the cost
Nay, t'won't be true
I regret I did not wait for you

My queen
I swear to cherish you

The bond of a brother
In which I had found
The woman meant for me
Who waited while I
Was lost in memory

A precious, crystalline blue
Tell me you love me
And a smile
To say 'I will wait for you'

Every promise
Pure and true
Every promise, my dear,
Sings 'I love you'

Wait for me
Beyond the old tree
Beyond my known memory


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I really love all of these. It's hard to pick a favorite! The first two verses of the poem about quiet and silence really jumped out of me. Really cool! I've never really thought about that before.
Well done, all of them!

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

BUT OH MY GOODNESS Nerys these all make me happy or thoughtful or content or dreamy...poetry is meant to make you feel something and you've nailed it. I was so happy that I got to see your Beyond the Old Tree first and I most definitely vote you put it back into the story...and I think the Quiet/Silence one is my favorite, too. I honestly never thought about that but the way you word it definitely makes me think about it. Well done, exquisite, happiness, #proudsister
That's right...I just hash tagged #coolkids

When I worship, I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without heart.

Okay, I'm just idling around apricotpie right now, while I write, and I read your quiet poem -- and OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO PROFOUND. Seriously, I've felt like that so much.... that silence screams, and quiet heals. But I never thought to distinguish between the two, or put words to it. So thank you for that magic. Definitely going to keep contemplating this. Thank you for posting.

Brighid: Haha yeah you're cool and you don't need hashtags ;)

Sarah Bethany: Thank you for your comment! It really meant a lot to me! I'm glad you enjoyed the quiet poem!

Damaris: In reply to all your comments: YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Hannah D.: Thank you!

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