Dry Salt Water + More

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 04:43

Dry Salt Water
Dry salt water spray
On bulwarks of our humble ship.
The treasures that called me away
From my comfort, on the deck it sits.

Beaten, bruised, battered,
I am exhausted, I am empowered.
The captain calls, “Hoist the mainstay!
You worked hard! We’re sailing home today!”

With the tea rose rising sun,
Our proud flags, the headwinds, they take.
Along our ship the dolphins run,
As they find much play in our foaming wake.

A faded line, a telltale sign!
Home is just head!
The ports define, the docks aline,
With less than a stone throw to tread.

We barter away our goods,
Ready for a wondrous day alone.
I’m ready for a pint and hearty food,
An embrace from my wife and my son.

Another day, another way,
We treaded the tropic blue.
Now to stay some time away,
From the captain and the crew.


Tame The Sea
“I’ll tame the sea, I’ll tame the sky!”
Says the cabin boy, weak but stout of heart.
“I’ll prove my merit, I’ll earn my salt
As quickly as I start!”

“What a goal to set, little boy!”
Chortles the spy, laughing from the top of the mast.
“Why, had I kept such an oath to m’self,
My strength n’ will would never last!”

“Leave the salt be,”
Grumbles the pilot, cutting the map by an ink black line.
“Keep your goal in your lap, son,
You’ll do fine.”

“I’ve done some, yet not all.”
Says the loyal boatswain.
“I’ve not reached my cabin boy goal,
And yet so much I’ve gained.”

“I admit my dumb mind,”
So says the clever first mate.
“As the captain calls it on me
Every day - early till late.”

“I know what I do and admit what I don’t,”
The salted captain said.
“And if I have not counted what I mentally own’t,
We’d all be quick as a lick very dead.”

“Why, why, a ship is hard upkeep,”
Mumbles the cabin boy with a soft shake of the head.
“If I’m to run it a day
I’d better start practicing instead!”


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