Fallen Nature

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 03:59

“My LORD, my God, I offer You my pain!
In my suff’ring, let Your Name reign!”
I praise You now, I love You as my kin-
I crown You only with the thorns of my sin.

I hold You in the highest aristocracy-
I shame You in words of hypocrisy.
“Let demons cry at Your Word on my tongue!”
It became a serpent’s fork when on the Cross you hung.

“I’ll never forsake You, not even at death!”
How the Devil befriends me in a single breath.
“Let Your glory be the only in the land!”
My following words driving nails in Your hand.

Author's age when written
This is the start for a longer poem, but it was put on hold when I hit a block with it.
This poem is based on a Catholic prayer, The Act of Contrition.


This is incredible! It's so beautiful Madalyn, great job! This truly reminds me of the Act of Contrition. A beautiful piece, I can't wait to see more!