A Love Piece Based On Celtic Poetry

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 23:56

We are never apart;
That was why the world was made.
We rotate ‘round so my heart
Is where you were yesterday.

We are never severed;
Our souls are welded.
Yours- so hearty and clever
Came to mine and mine melted.

How the tide us unites!
Under the moon we are complete
As the lunar luminesced nights
Are lovers as us, through rain and sleet.

We are constant as stars;
That was why they were a-lit.
If souls could be as ours
Then in stellar formation they’d sit.

We are not as though the ocean;
That is why it crashes.
For if made by unending motion
A love turns to ashes.

We are as though fire;
That is why it rises.
Passion glor’ous reaches higher
Above the chains of disguises.

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This poem is based on Celtic poetry (songs worked from Gaelic into English). It has a glorious yet innocent outlook on romance and is a joy to read and listen to.