Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 23:47

Here he is, with one tooth ever beaming-
I carried him home, I remember it well.
Bruises kissing, teary faces cleaning-
Son, Band-Aids have a story to tell.

Here he is, with strange friends laughing-
Set on the step, holding beat-up skateboard.
Midnight guitar riffs, late drums clashing-
Son, mow the lawn if you’re bored!

Here he is, his hat in mid-air sailing-
High school is now a thing of past.
Kiss Mom’s cheek, because she’s wailing-
Son, you’ve made it at last!

Here he is, with arm encircling-
A standstill of forever bliss.
A diamond on her hand, affirming-
Son, it doesn’t get better than this.

Here he is, with eyes adoring-
At the church steps they kiss.
She’s lost in him, imploring-
Son, forever you’re in this.

Here he is, with son screaming-
Only love as softly he calms.
A trooper, through midnight feeding-
Son, hold them when they fit in your arms.

Here he is, with smile shining-
She’s brought son to say goodbye.
Heroism calls for the frontline fighting-
Son, sing one more lullaby.

Here he is, joy-filled returning-
Hugs boy and baby girl.
She knows again he’s turning-
Son, fight for her, not the world.

Here he is, tears freely flowing-
For warriors are human too.
Fears, without him, the kids keep growing-
Son, they will never forget you.

Here he is, reduced to image grinning-
His laugh and smile all in a grave.
His soul is in the land of the free-
His heart is in the home of the brave.

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The flow and cadence of this poem is a little rushed, so if you have any tips for reworking, I'd love them. Thank you!