She Sows the Spring

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Sun, 12/17/2017 - 03:36

Spring comes and the trees are softly clothed
With delicate, soothing white.
The roads, in velvet, are royally robed
And blossoms dance ballets of sunlight.

Summer springs forth and the ripe fruits fall,
Free for the picking in the sultry days.
The sun is high and the roaring waves call-
Soon, the world wakes from the humid haze.

Autumn walks in, crisp and proud,
As she sheds her crimson hair.
She closes the world in chilly shroud,
Then billows away in wake of freezing air.

Winter snatches us like a thief,
And in her frozen tears we dwell.
She cries and howls and angrily weeps!
Lo! Her tears melt in relieving swell.

Spring returns with the scent of joy!
Like the Phoenix she rises from her bed-
Shoots of green from lifeless alloy
Is the genius of her sunburst head.

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I was supposed to enter this in a poetry contest, but I never did... enjoy!


Ohhhhhh Maddie. This is so lovely. I especially love the first verse. :) such beautiful imagery! Well done, dear.

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I love nature poetry, and I love rhyming, metered poetry. This was lovely.

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Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!

'Dance ballets of sunlight'....

Oh my honey, you are too amazing for words. Sorry I never comment on anything really :/ I crazy love everything you write and I love hearing your ideas and your poems always open up yet another lovely door to your brain and I love seeing inside :) Love you, sis!

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