Submitted by Madeline on Tue, 06/14/2016 - 13:28

A thunderbird
strikes up
into the sky
wings blurring
an earthborn comet

a flurry of
flapped fleathers
and harried squawks
dilated pupils

below the dirt
is steadfast
but the air

all the silence
the placidity
is consumed
by a frenzy

and here lay
the known way
and there falls
the presumed all

and shrouded in the storm
of wings
and beaks
and chirps

is yesterday

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Your poetry always hits me viscerally before I can ever process it mentally (which I usually do on the second read, and which is my favorite type of poetry -- the kind that startles me physically first). I stood above the world and dove down with that bird....felt the wind shuddering in my wings. It felt like such a transition through life, too, a trust-fall. My favorite lines were "an earthborn comet". And I loved the mythical sound of "and here lay / the known way / and there falls / the presumed all." Gorgeous poem!!

Your wording is spectacular! I would definitely say I agree with Sarah Bethany, I felt like I was taken on a fanciful but also intense trip! All of it was great, the imagery, the wording, the flow! Loved it!!! Keep posting my friend, this is great!

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
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