one who once had known me

Submitted by Madeline on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 19:17

woozy, woo me, wooing, wooed
it’s peppercorns and stains,
this mood

precarious and passionate
all half-lived
affix to me and drape
a cape
to stew in spineless brood

wishywashy wishing wells
and fervent
wishful spools
that unravel
and unwind
while vice and virtue

I’ve had three glasses
ice cubes clink
Cracked between back teeth
sharp wince

It’s all too much
though not the drink
to speak
would be remiss

Your hand, my skin
a cardigan
roped snug about my body

A lifevest meant
to circumvent
one who once had known me

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Oh my goodness the alliteration is beautiful and I really don't know what to comment because in all honesty I never have critique for poems but I enjoyed every single line so much!
Hope you have an amazing day, Madeline!

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