Oh, The Insanity Of Dreams!

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It's official. The things that transpire in my dreams are the most creative and bizarre things I have ever come in contact with. I swear that no one has had experiences like mine. I know that some people dream that they can fly, or that they have super powers, or something un-graspable like that....but those things are at least semi-normal. Those are the things that we can day dream about during the day when we are conscious.
You know, I have a lot of random, crazy, off the wall dreams, but those aren't on the 'how can a brain even think that way' list--which is the list that you are about to experience. Read the following if you want to see if you agree that some things are just too weird to think about, and dream about. :)

First, have any of you ever had a dream in another language? I have. It wasn't that weird, but it was funny seeing as it had no apparent explanation. My whole dream was in spanish. Everyone talked Spanish and understood it. I kind of have to admit, it got fun after a little while.

Have you ever had narrator dreams? Where there is little dialog and a narrator talks throughout the dream? I have. But what was worse was when I was the narrator and couldn't talk to anyone in the dream, while talking about them. "As Margaret reached the corner of the street she turned and looked over her shoulder..." Yeah...really annoying.

Have you ever had half of a dream? I have. Not like half as in the amount of time, but literally you could only see people from their waists down? I call it my leg dream. Everything I saw was from a really low perspective. But, it wasn't because I was short in the dream, the top half of the dream was just plain black. A cut off dream. It got really annoying since I didn't know what anyone looked like, or who's voice I was hearing.

Have you ever had a dream in black and white? I have. My old time dream. :P

Have you ever dreamt nothing? I have. Meaning of course that you see nothing but black and only hear what's going on. Talk about talented if you can actually understand and follow everything by sound effects...

Have you ever had a dream where you're just an outsider and don't actually take part in any of the action? Almost like your watching it on a screen? I have. It was very observant.

Have you ever had a dream where you went back in time? I have. To the 60's. Eelch. It was terrible, you should have seen my wardrobe!

Have you ever had a really really real dream? I have. Sadly it had to be about what it would be like to be a Martyr. I don't think I've ever been the same since that one.

Have you ever had a dream about your teeth falling out? I have. Actually, that's something that happens to me at least once a month in my dreams. Weird. :P

Have you ever had a static dream where everything is drowned out by a constant radio static noise? I have. Headache.

Have you ever dreamt that you were dreaming of having a dream in your dream in the dream that you were dreaming in your dream? I have.

I think this last one completely tops them all. Have you ever been two different people in a dream at the same time? I have! Let me tell you, it was creepy. I had double identites. Yeah, I'm not joking. And if my characters were seperated and were in different scenes my dream split in half vertically and I successfully acted the two parts. At the same time. Now thats some serious multitasking. What got really mind boggling was when my characters had long deep conversations with each other.

My dad's theory is that I watch too many movies. I'm not quite sure I agree with him...........yet.


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Hahaha! I have always had an infatuation with dreams. This was so fun to read.

And omgosh! I am constantly having dreams about my teeth! Like they'll bust in half or completely morph into a different shape. I always wake up thankful for my semi-straight teeth. :D

This was an amazing essay!!!! Dreams are actually what I look forward to at night :-D I have all sorts of weird dreams--including the below: 

Double-Identity, as you had. It's very interesting and bizarre!

I had one that involved my being a milk lady, Superman and a dragon taking over the milk factory.

Then, I have the amazing dreams that feel real (and often in a good and un-scary way!). I had one where I was riding a black stallion.

And too many others to name!!! Once I had one where I was watching on a screen also, and then I was all of a sudden in the movie!! Bizarre. Oh, and one where I was trying to protect a werewolf and save my alligator who was fighting with another alligator in a tropical rainforest.....Alligators don't even live in tropical rain forests....

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Those are so weird and cool! I have had a dream in French before-- I did not understand any of it but the people talked in very soothing tones so it was nice. ;) So many of these I have never experienced, though. Your brain must be working overtime!
Dreams are so interesting/ fascinating/ fun to talk about... :)

I had a dream in Hawaiian once.  I wish I could remember how to speak it.
I also had a dream that Galadriel was going to hang me and Aragorn didn't love me and a horse licked my face.
I don't dream about teeth, I dream about hair.  Like a big chunk of it gets ripped out or something, or I start going bald, or I lose my eyelashes or something.

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya

I'm sorry that Aragorn doesn't love you, Bridget :-(. Lol, I wish that I could dream in foreign languages.....

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Have you ever been two different people in a dream at the same time? I have! Let me tell you, it was creepy. I had double identites. Yeah, I'm not joking. And if my characters were seperated and were in different scenes my dream split in half vertically and I successfully acted the two parts. At the same time.

Woah! I wish I had a dream like that!

All my dreams are weird. They are never cool or fun or understandable.

Thank you all for your comments. :P Every single night holds a new and fantasic adventure! Oh, and Bridget, now that you mention it, I have had dreams about my hair before as well....not nearly so often as my teeth though. :D


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this was really histaricle.....the having half a dream part really made me luagh.....that was just to weird. :)

Ha ha :) I've had dreams with narrators (just had one the night before last), but they're so vague that I don't know who's narrating. Sometimes I think that I'm reading a book in my dream, and that I'm also in the book I'm reading, so it's wierd. I've had dreams where I'm watching a movie and suddenly I'm in the movie and I'm one of the characters. I have had two dreams, I think, where I was going to be killed for be a Christian. What is really annoying is that often, my dream never gets to the point. Just as I think it's getting to the point, or climax, I wake up. It's very aggravating :) I've had some terrible dreams, and I wonder "Where in the world did that dream come from?" I've had dreams about Lord of the Rings, one about a story I was writing, so on and so forth. I used to have these really, extremely fun dreams where I could run down a hill and start floating and stuff. There have been dreams that I thought would turn into nightmares, but in the end they were nice. One I remember is that my brother and I had gone into this cave, and there was a ghost there, and we were really scared of it, but it turned out to be a nice ghost :) But the dreams I hate are the ones that are terrifying. I had one that a black bear was attacking me, and even though someone could have held it back, they didn't. It was awful :( I think dreams are absolutely fascinating.

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That is incredible! You truly have unique and bizarre dreams!!

Except for the teeth falling out one - that is actually a common dream!!!!!!! I forget what it "means" (in dream interpretation... something about insecurity, haha) (don't worry or think about that one) I think I've had it twice... but I'm insecure about that number. :D


A-MA-ZING!!!!!! That Is Calledd Pure Awesomeness!!!

Ive Had One of Those Dreams!!!

The Dream When U Have A dream Abt Another Dream Nd ............ Etc.

It Was Sooo Weird!!!!
But It was Funny!!!

Keep It Upp Dudeee!!!:D