Row, Brother, Row!

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Push our little sailboat into the lake Jump in behind me as we float away Here is a paddle, row, brother, row! Let us find an adventure to gift with this day Row, brother, faster! We shall glide with the swan He swims gracefully past us with a look of alarm It must not be proper in swan society To ride in boats must do them some harm Row, brother, softly, a beaver’s nearby He’s building his dam with precision The logs that he fells splash into the lake One by one, a wild collision Row, brother, row, for the noon day is near We will find a shady island on which to eat lunch Lay on our backs with the birds and the bees As they also find something to munch We’ll laze in the sunshine and splash in the water The day is for spending, let it burn in your pocket! And when the day ends, take a picture of it Tuck it safe in your mind, like a locket And now the sun is setting, sparkling on the water The day comes to its happy close In our boat once again, back home once again Mother waits with a bath and fresh clothes What flowers of happiness we have gathered From the seeds of hope and adventure we sow And on our way home on the bright burning water Row, brother, row, brother, row
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I loved that!

My favorite line is :

The day is for spending, let it burn in your pocket!

That is really good!

Very clever!

Good job!

Write on!


"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!