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Submitted by Sarah B. on Fri, 05/01/2009 - 16:11

What started as a simple "write-whatever-comes-to-mind" poem turned into much more, naturally. :) My family had just gotten voice-recognition software, but it wasn't used to our voices yet. I read the song "Into the West" (from LOTR) into it, and it started coming out with this poem. So I changed some of the words to fit what I wanted, but left most of them intact, which is why some of the phrases may seem a little odd. But that's the point.

The story that developed within this poem is that the speaker is a harlot, who has become disillusioned with her life. She is telling her friend (a fellow harlot) about this, and then she tries to commit suicide, but doesn't succeed. Or does she? The "list" in the title could be either a list of suicide cases, or just a list of the local harlots. Who can tell? And... well, I don't want to explain everything, so just read it! ;)

(Based on “Into the West” by Annie Lennox and Howard Shore)

you should be where he is
he made us fall so far
and we are still falling
you can do charities in the day and
sleep and dream skewed dreams at night
all those almost people are calling to you
but you don’t hear them anymore
from the shore across the bay
it doesn’t pay to hear them now
they are paid for
plenty of weeks
one of these years will stare you in the face and you will see
all of you is gone
it left when they left and it will not come back
for years will pass away

what can you see
across the harbor
why does the morning tell all
beyond the mist
Dylan raises
the ships,
with the cheer you gave him
to carry home
don’t you know
though it looks like glass
there’s a lot of water
under the pass

Hope for things
in the World Bank
two shadows are falling
in memory, in time
don’t say
what to do at the end
what was calling
you know me before
I shall be here
in my arms
just leaping

What can you see
across the harbor
I went to the call
across the sea
a pale blue water misses
ship to come
to take me home
I will not turn
from silver glass
London water
gray ships pass
into the mist

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Sad story, but the poem's really lyrical and beautiful. Who knew glitchy computers could do so well? :P

I'm kidding. I doubt it would have been anything other than nonsense without your editing.

The way this poem came about is really cool, though. I think I would've just given up if my computer started mangling what I was reading into it--but you made it into something beautiful. Impressive. Most impressive.

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." ~Pelonius in "Hamlet"

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." ~Pelonius in "Hamlet"