The Half-Full Cup

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 02:27

There’s two ways to look at the cup in your hand
Two ways to look at a day
Two ways to live
Two ways to walk
And two ways to see your life.

The cup could be, of course, half-empty
You could focus on the pain
And gripe and moan in emptiness
Ignore the gift just giv’n.
You are pitied most, dear friend—
Your gaze, misplaced, is greed.


The others here will see their cup,
It will be half-full
They will see the richness there
Receiving it with joy.
Acknowledging the mercy gi’vn
So fully satisfied;
So much more, oh far beyond
Our sad, half-empty friends.

So don’t you quickly dump your cup
Just for some empty space
Don’t moan that you deserve much more
Or whine about your state
Savor what you’re given, friend—

Thank God for your half-full cup.

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Wrote this a while ago. Edited and revised.