Submitted by Sarah Liz on Sat, 02/20/2016 - 16:28

Sometimes my brain has run out of dreams
I’m useless, spent, worn out
I must have been a big mistake
My life—an empty tale.
Living on the edge of a mountain
It looks too dark to move
The goals I fancied as my dreams
Lie chained on the other side.
I cannot free them, let them fly
This mountain blocks my way
It darkens the path before, behind
Hopelessness closes in.
Dreams have spilled out through the holes
In the pottery of my life
I’m a broken vessel—what can I do
But succumb to the forces that suffocate me?

My God is greater than mountains of guilt
Mountains of sin and despair
Mountains of sadness, mountains of shame
Mountains of “nobody cares”
Mountains of sleepless nights without end
Mountains of tears and regret
Mountains of injury, scorn, and disdain
Mountains of “I cannot do”
Mountains of days of friendless despair
Mountains of “why do I care”
Mountains of family and friends all forsaking
Mountains of illness and death
My God is greater, yes, my God can move
Mountains of darkness—with light!
So then I can conquer
Then I am free
To dream on of the life I shall live
Standing before an audience of One
I’ll sing of the triumph He brings.
My voice will praise Jesus
King, Savior, and Lord
For the battle that’s fought isn’t mine
The victory, for it is already won
Is given to the Lamb!

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