Wings of Victory

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 02:33

Borne on wings of victory
Sealed for courts above
Soaring high above the heavens
Freed from sin and care
Let me sing salvation's story
Shout His praise forevermore
Lift your voice and with me praise Him
Borne on vict’rys wing.

Once I was a lonely stranger
Never finding rest
But He drew me to a fountain
Where love divine was giv'n.
Bowing at my Savior's cross
Where Jesus bore my shame
My weary life--renewed, restored
And borne on vict'rys wing.

Now I live to serve my Savior
My greatest, highest love
I fight the fight, I run the course
To serve Him evermore.
Forsaking sin’s demise behind me
Pressing on to glory’s crown
Catching notes of heav'nly anthems
Borne on vict'rys wing.

Then one glorious, final day
I'll see heaven's King
I will join the perfect chorus
Evermore to raise.
I will see through eyes immortal
Glories of His throne
Lifting praise throughout the ages
E’er borne on vict'rys wing.

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Editing old poetry tonight, I guess! :)