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Up on the rooftop
A shadow does pause,
Dim fire-light shivering
On small knives, like claws.

A black cloak flutters
Like wings in the night,
Muffling her features
From any chance light.

Weak moonlight catches
The gleam of a sword,
Giant ruby in the hilt,
A weapon worthy of a lord.

A second, larger shadow
Joins the one before;
Smoothly gliding forward,
Watching the boats come ashore.

Demons of unearthly fairness
With collars round their throats;
An army of despair and pain,
Flowing off the boats.

The two shadows watch,
Ready to call "Attack!"
But before they have the chance,
They see the leader, robed in black.

With golden hair below his hood,
His name is Erawan.
From a darkness worlds away
He brought his devil-spawn.

The larger shadow shifts,
Looking at his mate.
For if they do attack,
Only death shall await.

Judging from her stance,
She knows this fact as well.
They leave, slipping off the roof
To warn those in the dell.

The valiant band, numbered seven,
Standing silent in the trees,
Watching grimly as their foe
Moves inland with the breeze.

There is no stopping them today,
This they all well know.
But soon the day will arrive
When they have their final show.


Another ballad-style poem; this was inspired when I read the Throne of Glass series. BEST BOOKS EVER.