Submitted by Libby on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 19:53

When I think of how often I said she was a nuisance, how I complained about giving her walks, how many times I wished we’d never gotten a dog, I cry. She was so good. She was so sweet and never bad. Her name was Pepper—Peppercheanie actually, but for short, we called her Pepper. She was speckled with brown on top of a white background of fur. Her whole head was plain brown, and smooth. Her ears were the softest and silkiest ears I have ever felt. And her eyes. They looked up at you in their sad way, sweet and sad and almost sorry. We loved her—I still do.


Submitted by Libby on Wed, 06/21/2017 - 05:47

When days are dead and skies are grey
When roads with dust are trodden down
When soil is hard as sunbaked clay
And once green grass is stiff and brown

When home is not but ash and dust
When children can no longer cry
When kindly friend has broken trust
And heart is now too tired to try

When mountain mist is turned to smoke
When clouds forever shade the earth
When dust that rises makes us choke
And child born is dead from birth

I'll Come Back, I will!

Submitted by Libby on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 18:39

There at the door he stands with hope,
A lad of fourteen, tall and broad;
He knows not to what end he goes,
To take the ship that sails abroad—
That sails to places without hope.
Yet when he sees the pain that shows
On tender Mother’s brow so still,
He kisses her and softly says
“Dear Mother, I’ll come back, I will!”

The Duke of Dreven Chpt. 3 Revelation

Submitted by Arya Animarus on Tue, 01/31/2017 - 00:59

Jason and Cybille sat in opposite seats on the train as the countryside sped past. Cybille was excited to see her family, and was bouncing up and down on the bench.
“Would you calm down? People are starting to stare at us.”
“Who cares? I can’t wait to see everyone! My dad’s going to be so surprised!”
Jason rolled his eyes at her. Cybille was rarely so excited about anything, and when she was, it was pretty entertaining to watch. By the time they reached the station in Kaur, Cybille had calmed down, but not by much.


Submitted by Gina I. on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 21:10

Have you ever looked at someone and suddenly realized what a treasure they are? And then you discover how much you love that treasure. Not because it's appearance is as garish as a jewel, but their personality shines as pure as gold. You love them the more you see them, yet deep inside you realize it is a treasure you will never hold as your own. But you can't stop hoping that someday, someone will have that priceless treasure to you, and tell you that it's yours forever.

Maroon's Song

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Mon, 08/08/2016 - 04:03

World, I heard the lyrics that you sing
I’ve felt the pain that false love brings
I know the dark of depths of woe
I’ve seen the scars that few will show.

World, even music breathes your lies
Says hope’s sun sets in paradise
That sin’s allure’s your only happiness
But cannot reach eternal bliss.

World, your hope is fleeting, slipping fast
Your art reflects it; but, alas,
Your billions of feet tread the broadened path
That holds destruction in its grasp.

I Hope You Knew

Submitted by Wings of Eternity on Fri, 07/22/2016 - 16:25

I hope you knew
That I loved you,
that you made me laugh
on the dreary days.

I hope you knew
That I admired you,
how you faced each challenge
with poise and strength.

I hope you knew
That I was inspired by you,
your bravery and courage
in times of turmoil.

I hope you knew
that I respected you,
for your tenacity
in breaking barriers.

I hope you knew
that I am grateful to you,
for always being there
and soothing my sorrow.

I hope you knew
what you meant to me.

"Do You Still Love Me?" (Edited)

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 14:16

"Do you love me?"

"Why do you ask?"

He tickled her.

"Stop it. You're silly. Do you?"

"Of course. You know I do."

"I just like to make sure you still do."

"Why would I ever stop?"

She chewed on the inside of her lip before responding.

"What if...I become ugly or sick?"

"I didn't marry you for your good looks, dearest, and I didn't marry you for your health. I married you for your heart and soul."

"What if we can't have children?"

The Road to Joy - Chapter V

Submitted by Arthur on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 05:59

Previous Chapter

Had God created me for pain? He had raised me up and blessed me that I might fall further. Instead of being bruised, I was broken.

"It would have been better if I had not been born!" I cried to God, "Why did You give me a sister, Lord? To break my heart with? And why did You make me prosper so young? To agitate me with? And why oh why did you bring Sarah into my life? To crush my soul with! God, Your ways are cruel against man.