In Defense of My Home-Education

Submitted by Aisling on Thu, 11/11/2004 - 08:00

I think we probably all get these people, whether we know them or meet them somewhere, who just don’t understand the mind-set of homeschooling.
They ask, “Don’t you ever want to go to school?”
And you say, “No.”
And they say, “Well, how can you know—you’ve never gone.” (In my case, anyway, I haven’t.)
Usually, then, I make some inadequate weak excuse, and they sort of win out with their “you can’t know.”
But now, since I’ve always been able to write better than I can speak on the spur-of-the-moment, I say:

My Own "You Know You're a Home-schooler When..."

Submitted by Aisling on Fri, 04/23/2004 - 07:00

(To follow the tradition, of sorts, that’s been started, I thought I’d like to write a personal version of Claire’s and Mike’s essays...
Happy Spring, everyone!)



…Learning isn’t an obligation- it’s a desire.

…You can memorize your library card number in twenty seconds- and your sisters’ too.

…You’re reading one novel for Literature, another for Additional History, a third for Additional Religion- and, but only sometimes- a fourth for Leisure Reading.