Thieves: Chapter 7

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Kamber vaguely noticed the astonishment in Jovlin’s expression. Personally, he had ceased to be amazed by the number of books several years back, and he had grown up around the light bulbs. He turned away from her and walked over to the only darkened bulb in the room. Reaching into a hatch at the top of the bulb, Kamber pulled out a book. The cover was made of an old green leather and was fairly plain.

Thieves: Chapter 2

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                Jovlin tucked her long dark hair behind her ear as she surveyed the stage below her. She grabbed a black ribbon and tied her hair back as she scanned the room for guards. Then, after securing the white mask to her face, she tied her rope to the rafter on which she was crouching and, grabbing hold of the other end, jumped out into empty space.

Thieves: Chapter 1

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 “Quick, hide in here!” The man moved the solid wooden block that served as a table out of the way, revealing a trapdoor underneath. Kamber looked down into the dark space, it was nothing more than a hollow in the ground but he needed to hide and there was nowhere else to go. He jumped down and pressed himself against the dirt. The man who was hiding him shut the trap door and hastily tried to pull the table back on top.

Thieves: Prologue

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 Princess Kaisten stood very still as she was fitted for her new dress. The seamstress put a needle into the dress to mark the changes she would need to make, accidently pricking Kaisten’s arm in the process.

            “Ouch!” She exclaimed.

            “Sorry, your highness; it was not intended.” The seamstress said as she continued her work.

Falls the Shadow - Prologue

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I was too young to remember this city before the wars started. The ones who do remember say it was the greatest city in the world: high education, low crime, good economy. Part of the city—‘The Forgotten Sector’—had already been abandoned during the earlier Technology Boom, when new strides in development made the entire place obsolete. Only the poor, the fugitives, those with nowhere else to go, still lived there.