A Dream is Just a Dream...or is it? Chapter Five (a Narnian fanfiction)

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Chapter Five

A/N: Words in italics that are spoken by the beaver are taken from the book.

Watching Peter make a clicking noise with his tongue and snapping his fingers at the beaver--treating the beaver as if he was a dumb animal was quite amusing.

But what exactly was the beaver’s reaction? For this beaver was no ordinary one and if you thought that this beaver was the same kind as the beavers in our world, you would have been shocked about what the beaver did.

A Dream is Just a Dream...or is it? Chapter Three (a Narnian fan fiction)

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Chapter Three

Since I was now awake again, I might as well hurry and help with supper.

“Mom,” I said rushing headlong into the kitchen, where I was greeted with my whole family sitting at the table eating.  "Why, I thought it wasn’t even suppertime yet!” I said confusedly, "I was out in the swing reading my book when I fell asleep. I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you prepare supper and that I lost track of the time.”

A Dream is Just a Dream...or is it? (a Narnian fan fiction)

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A Dream is Just a Dream…or is it?

(A/N) This is a Narnia fan fiction. I hope you like it!



Chapter one (intro)

“Anne!” my mother called me from the kitchen, “Anne Elise, it’s time for breakfast!”

I stirred in my sleep only to awake after a few moments. It was then when I heard my mother calling me.

I groaned silently. Is it morning so soon?

The Innkeeper

Submitted by Taylor on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 22:12

it was not
that rent was free in my inn
for you to stop
and stay with me

so i ran
out into the street
waving my arms frantically
as you passed by
chasing another
as desperately as i chased you

my dreams
i burned on your alters
my future
i offered up on your shrines

but you never came
so i spoke to you
as a rain cloud speaks
to the desert,
pouring myself into the sand
but my heart found
no oasis

Aahrenwold pt. 8

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Chapter 14


Nordic Malushomo sat on his horse, waiting.

And a bird that had apparently flown too close to the sun rudely interrupted his waiting.

As Alegis arrived on the scene, Nordic was swatting wildly at the fireball of a canary.

So he put him out of his misery.

Not dead mind you, but out cold.


Shortly after these proceedings there arrived Sora and Nomen, panting hard.

that Gryphon (or "Brethren of Stone" book one)

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Miches stepped back. he was finally finished.

The statue stood tall; Black granite against a golden sky.

Miches surveyed his handiwork. he felt the wings, the curved beak and the long talons.

"This is a smarter Guardian" Miches thought. "i shall set him to the ultimate Pass."

The statues were made for a purpose; A Pass.

The Gargoyle would sit on the roofs and wait. His Pass was to unleash a deluge of water on any intruder.

The Dragon was made for a gatehouse. His Pass would guard the gates of cities and castles, with fire if need be.

Hosea 2:19-20

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Kallah told herself he was nothing. The cloaked man was not following her, even though she had spotted him each day on the road. But why were his steps gaining on her?
If you run you’ll look guiltier. There is always the mantle…
No! She jerked her hand away from her pack.
Even if she hadn’t, it was too late. The stranger started to talk to her, coming to her side with fearsome speed. “Why are you crying?”
Kallah nearly froze up. “What? I’m not… I’m just traveling…”

Those Eyes...

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Those eyes I see, in the dead of night.
Those eyes I fear will be my demise.
Their red burning in the dead of night
Their white lining glowing like moonlight so fine.
I try to decline
Those eyes so malciouse
His teeth sharp and rigid
Those eyes like fire from hell
Now it is easy to see why so many fell
Into his prison of char and brimstone
A thousands souls never burning alone
Those eyes so cold
Those eyes so bold
They keep me down like a burden on my back
My hope to attack
But I can't do that