Those Eyes...

Submitted by Tristan Cody on Sun, 12/05/2010 - 07:16

Those eyes I see, in the dead of night.
Those eyes I fear will be my demise.
Their red burning in the dead of night
Their white lining glowing like moonlight so fine.
I try to decline
Those eyes so malciouse
His teeth sharp and rigid
Those eyes like fire from hell
Now it is easy to see why so many fell
Into his prison of char and brimstone
A thousands souls never burning alone
Those eyes so cold
Those eyes so bold
They keep me down like a burden on my back
My hope to attack
But I can't do that

Those eyes so pure
Those eyes like a cure
Those wings like angels they lift me high
So high that the earth is nigh
Those hands so strong
In them I am sure
I will never fall
From heaven I heard your call
Born again through him
I am now released from sin
As for my kin
I will raise them for him
Those eyes lead me down a road of love and care
Those eyes only fair
They love me and all far or near.

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