Submitted by Velocity on Wed, 03/05/2008 - 16:39
Depression… You know, what everyone goes through.

Worries… What everyone does…

Sadness…” I cared for you… I did…”

Helplessness… “What am I supposed to do now?”

The pain… “God if your there then why does this happen?”

The truth… God’s response… “Learn through your mistakes” “Take heed to my word” “I love you… forever…”

Life… God’s never changing His mind about loving you… I hope you will change about not loving Him...

Change… Get your life right…

Us… We all need too

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Good Job Velocity!
This piece means alot to me! That is because I went through an incredibly rough time with depression. It plagued me until I thought of killing myself. But thanks to my parents and some on-line resource, I was saved from suicide. Now, all I can write about is how God saved me and still loved me. I was the one who turned away from Him. Thank you so much!
Maddie J-3

I'm very glad that God saved you!(from death in both ways)
I think its really neat when God can turn so many lives around for the better!

The Truth will set you free.