The True Meaning of Easter

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Author's Note:

Hello my fellow homeschoolers and friends! After a very long unintended hiatus, I have returned to AP! I certainly missed writing for this site and I hope to not spend so much time away from it again! My life has taken quite a few crazy turns in the past few years, but I have also been mightily blessed! I finally graduated from college (again!) and have been working quite a bit. I am sorry to those who had to wait so long for me to post something. I have had a bit of a poetry drought during these past few years, but I hope that is ended now!

With all of the mainstream "Christian" tv specials and such going on out there focusing on Jesus and his death, I felt the need to write this poem. Easter Blessings to you all! Hope you enjoy this one!

Hugs and Blessings,
Wings of Eternity

The True Meaning of Easter

So much is said of Your death my Lord,
of how You suffered and died,
of all the torments that You had to endure,
and how You hung crucified.

There are so many discussions of what methods were used
and even the time and place.
Yet so many forget the story of Your Love
that made You endure what You faced.

It seems to me lately the focus is wrong
while many intentions are right.
We need to get back to the simple Message,
and bring others into the Light

The Message is not meant to condemn
or to be used to bring others to shame.
It is meant to spread the utter joy
and forgiveness found in Your Name.

It is a message of love and sacrifice
for when we could not win the fight,
Jesus came to take our darkness
so we could come into His Light.

So while it can be good to know
the many details that we do,
let it not eclipse what was done
by Jesus for me and you!

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AHHHHHH!!!! You're back! :) Oh my, I was so surprised to type in the web address this morning and find that you had posted--and overjoyed! I remember all your lovely comments from back in the day! Can you believe it's been about three years, now? Anyway, welcome back--so glad to have you!

All your poetry, I remember, has impeccable rhythm. This was no exception! Your message was conscice and uplifting. It was a lovely read, this Easter morning!

Hey Homeschoolgirl! I know it has been forever! I hope to not go on such a long hiatus again :) I am so glad you and Damaris Ann liked this poem! Easter Blessings to both of you!

"Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity." 1 Timothy 4:12