3 Reasons why People Should Read the Peleg Chronicles

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I really like the Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding. Here's the link to his website:http://matthewchristianharding.com/. Also, Any PC "Peleg Chronicle" fans, please comment that you are... well, a fan! Anyway, hope you like it.

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People become leaders by using persuasive ways, like propaganda, posters, TV and ads. But some, like me, want other people to be interested in something that they are interested in. This essay is to get you interested in my favorite book series: The Peleg Chronicles!

My Number One reason why people should read the Peleg Chronicles is because of the adventure. The suspense of the action when Lord McDougal and his loyal friend Fergus Leatherhead fight off dragons and battle with the fearsome giants. Also the adventures with young Ranger Theiry when he escapes from Count Rosencross’s men and hides in the woods with his pet wolf, Horatio. Any boy or girl can snuggle with their parents and let the beautiful literature flow into the child’s mind.

The Second reason why people should read the Peleg Chronicles is because of the rich literature. The literature is like of those in the Mediaeval Times which helps you feel the misty air of Hradcanny with Gimcrack the Dwarf and Cnutfoot the Actor and a dragon’s breath as it did on Igi Forkbeard. It really encourages kids with their imagination.

My third and final reason why people should read the Peleg Chronicles is because it’s Christian. Most Christian books these days are mostly about supernatural battles and mysteries. It’s good to have something that strengthens your faith and doesn’t give you nightmares!

Since you have heard the three reasons for this fantastic book of action, literature and a strong Christian foundation, I hope you will experience the adventure of such a novel.

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P.S. I also sent this to the Author and he said he liked! :D


I should go read these! Cool, you sent it to the author? Nice!
I wonder where I can get these? I'll try out the library. :)

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