The Érenyel: Part 9 (Judgment)

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Just then, Vúnyeðel and Shereynah, Durfil, Qeylen and Rhonnah returned, having made haste to come and tell their parents of the deceiver.  And when they beheld their parents, they said, “What have you done?  Surely you have not given your stones to this false one, of whom we were warned?”  And they wept. 

Many words passed between the parents and their children, which are recorded in The Generations of Rayôn.  The parents remained obstinate in their deed in the presence of their children, and Ordéash boasted of his victory. 

Then Áronyeh came down to Arah, and Ordéash fled, taking the two Orloaven with him.  Áronyeh came to Rayon and Qeyrah, no longer as their friend, but as their dreadful adversary and condemning judge.  Rayôn and Qeyrah were brought before him, and they trembled in his presence and fell on their faces; for they could no longer look upon the face of their Creator.  They knew their guilt, and they hated what they had done, and they knew that Áronyeh would surely make an end of them: for he was pure and good, but they had made themselves filthy and vile.  It was only right that he should blot them out forever. 

They begged for mercy, but Áronyeh said, “Should justice be perverted?  You have done what is evil; you have spurned your creator and spat in his face.  Because of your wickedness, my wrath must fall upon you.” 

Then Qeylen came before Áronyeh, and begged him to stay his hand.  “Oh, Lord Áronyeh!” he cried.  “Please, do not destroy them!  Have mercy.  See how they hate what they have done!  Behold, they tremble before you and they drown in their grief.  In spite of what they have done, do you not still love them?  Is there nothing that can be done to avert their destruction?” 

“Qeylen,” said Áronyeh, “It is not right that there should be wickedness and my wrath should not fall.” 

“Then Áronyeh,” said Qeylen, trembling where he stood, “let your wrath fall on me instead, that they may live.” 

All who heard Qeylen’s words stood in shocked silence.  Qeylen bowed his head, and his tears flowed freely.  But Áronyeh lifted up Qeylen’s face. 

“Qeylen, Qeylen,” he said.  “Blessed are you among your brothers!  For you are right; I still love them, and my wrath may be averted if it is poured out on another.  But such a burden is not for you.” 

Áronyeh spoke to Rayôn and Qeyrah.  “Behold, because of your wickedness, you shall suffer in your life.  I shall no longer uphold you forever; as the years pass, you will wither with age until you die.  Your children after you will give you grief.  More children shall be born to you, yet they shall be like you in your wickedness, and they shall suffer as you suffer, until they die.  But if you turn to me and forsake your wickedness, and trust in my promise, though you die, you shall live again.  For though Qeylen cannot divert my wrath from you, I will send one who shall.” 

This prophecy of deliverance stayed in the hearts of Rayôn and Qeyrah all their lives.  They turned from their wickedness and trusted Áronyeh’s words.  Many other words were spoken by Áronyeh to Rayôn and Qeyrah, which are written in The Generations of Rayon.  After this, Aronyeh turned and spoke to the three eldest sons. 

To Vúnyeðel and Durfil, he said, “Of all Rayon’s children who have come of age, you two have not been tested.  Unfallen you are; unfallen remain, and help the sons of Rayôn who shall come after you, who will be bent toward corruption: lead them in what is right, heal their sicknesses, and preserve the things I have made.” 

To Qeylen he said, “Blessed are you for your sacrificial love.  You shall be the head of your brothers and sisters who are born after you.  But you shall not remain in this land.  I will send you over the sea, and you shall live in a new land, away from the corruption that has entered this land.  There you shall prepare the land to be lived in by others who will follow you in years to come.” 

Áronyeh spoke other words to them as well, which are written in The Generations of Rayôn.  After these things, Rayôn and Qeyrah continued to live in the Vale with their children – but everything had now changed.  They hung their heads in shame and lived in misery before their children. 

Now Durfil, deeply disturbed at what his parents had done, and at the death and the theft of the precious stones that he had helped to make, vowed with all his heart to recover the two Orloaven, and departed against the better judgment of Vúnyeðel.  He found that Ordéash had left a trail, and so he took the vessel that he and his brother had made and sailed north in hot pursuit.  He was not seen again for many years. 

True to his word, Áronyeh came for Qeylen and gave him instructions to leave the land of his parents.  Qeylen built a ship, and he and his younger brothers and sisters departed for a new land.  Before they left, Qeylen and his sister Rhonnah were married, in the presence of their parents and Vúnyeðel and Shereynah. 

Now, these are the names of those who departed with Qeylen: Rhonnah, his sister and wife; Beirel his brother, Seyrah his sister, Lomben and Romben his brothers, Reyah his sister, Metan his brother, and Lorah and Raníah his sisters: ten in all. 

Now, when they had departed, Rayon, Qeyrah, Vúnyeðel and Shereynah alone remained in the land – where there had once been fifteen, there were now four. 

Thus, their family was sundered.


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It's been a while since I've posted The Érenyel. You may want to go back and read some of the previous chapters if the flow of the story has faded from memory. I'm not satisfied with this as the final draft, but I felt I had to move on; so here is what I have written. Criticism is welcome! Also, I will have the following chapter posted in a couple of days.


Your last post on this was 10/22/2010 --almost a year okay. While I realize you were busy being head editor, that isn't quite the same as having a lovely new section to read.  I was wondering how you'd pull off the fallen parents/unfallen children situation...well done.


Formerly Kestrel

Long-awaited and worth it! This was so sad. Qeylen almost made me tear up, and Áronyeh's promise... Well, as someone who has an idea of where it's going, it filled me with joy. But then, I don't really know what will happen because of their unfallen children.

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

 I saw this early one morning and didn't have time to read it till now which made me very frustrated. But it didn't disappoint! 
Although sad, I really really like this part.
And I hope someday you write The Generations of Rayôn. 
... and now I'm off to read part 10.