The Evil Laugh of Arthur

Submitted by James on Tue, 01/12/2016 - 05:47

The evil laugh of Arthur
Descended down the stair;
It made the night seem darker,
And warned me to beware...

Lest craziness engulf me,
Consuming all my brain:
And nothing then be left me,
Save conscience gone insane.

The evil laugh of Arthur
It fills this house's halls,
When he's up late, much farther
Than wisdom e're allows.

His friends will moan, thus pleading,
"Oh, Arthur, please, forbear!
Cease and desist thy leading,
Of all unto despair!"

But on he laughs and cackles,
This brother, yes, of mine,
And on the sound will echo,
Until the end of time.


My brother Arthur sometimes gets hyper late at night. When he does, he starts laughing like a maniac. Tonight, it inspired a poem, and I thought I would post it here before my brother's continuous laughter caused me to forget it.


Your taste...has turned.

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."


The fact that you posted this makes me think you might be right about the results of my evil laugh.

“D’ye know what Calvary was? What? What? What? It was damnation; and he took it lovingly.”
~John Duncan

James, if this poem is still here by the end of the week, I will post an essay. Don't delete it.

“D’ye know what Calvary was? What? What? What? It was damnation; and he took it lovingly.”
~John Duncan

Wow, I read the first line and was like, "What?! Sibling teasing poem!" Reminded me of a poem my friend wrote for me when we were little about how I dropped a pear when she jumped out of the corner.
Keep the poem up! It's really well written and funny.

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This sounds like something every author from a large family would be somehow inspired to write once in his/her life and this was extremely well done. I love crazed laughter from sleep-deprived guys.

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