On the fate of Apricotpie

Submitted by James on Wed, 09/22/2010 - 06:51

I am writing this essay on the evening of my twenty-fourth birthday.

What does that have to do with the fate of Apricotpie? Probably nothing; I just thought I’d mention it. Yet, I must say, that during my birthday and the days leading up to it, I thought much on Apricotpie.

The first thing I heard about the closing of Apricotpie was my father coming into my room and breaking the news to me. I quickly checked my email and found that the news was true. I was immediately preoccupied with figuring out the best way to handle the situation. I waited a couple of days before I posted any comments. I observed how people were reacting. I was intrigued – I’d say seventy to eighty percent of us accepted the news rather calmly, thanking Ben (rightly so!) for the past ten wonderful years (of which I’ve only experienced two-and-a-half) and immediately adopting an air of resignation and finality. There were a handful of us, but not many, who were protesting and pleading that this could not be the end.

So, where am I on this?

First of all, I am calm. At least, I hope I am coming across that way. Perhaps I am not so calm on the inside.

Secondly, I am ready to accept the end of our beloved Apricotpie website if there is no way we can keep it. And in that case I am committed to keeping our community together, and in that spirit I applaud what Mary has done in creating the Apricotpie Outpost (www.apricotpieoutpost.blogspot.com). I urge everyone on Apricotpie who hasn’t already to join us there. If you haven’t read Mary’s post about the Outpost, read it. Ultimately, Apricotpie isn’t a website; it’s a community of friends. We’ll end up moving, as Mary put it, “from a castle to a cabin,” but if we are committed we can still stay together and carry on the legacy that Ben is leaving us.

And yet (and thirdly), if there is any chance that Apricotpie as we know it can be saved, I am committed to saving it. Even though ultimately we are a community, the specific website itself plays an enormous roll. We have called this place home, some of us for a decade. We have laughed together here, cried together here, joked, occasionally argued, and forgiven each other here. We have made so many memories together, memories which we can go back and look up, just by looking at our old posts. Much of that will be lost if Apricotpie goes.

I do not know yet if there is anything that can be done. I hope there is; but if not, these things happen. We can still move on together into the future and make it a better place, with God’s help.

On another note (and most of you probably knew this already), I have a blog, www.jimmyboone.blogspot.com. I will eventually have everything I’ve ever posted on Apricotpie posted there. Find me there, and if you like, follow my blog; also if you like, I’ll be happy to follow yours.

Lastly, thank you, once again, Ben, for the ten years you’ve given us at Aprictopie. And thank you for giving me the honor of being a monthly writer. It has meant a lot to me.

Whatever the future is for us at Apricotpie, I remain optimistic that many good years still lie ahead of us, even if we have to say goodbye to the website we love.



See, I'm in that 70-80\% of people who accepted it with resignation, but I am extremely greatful for the Outpost. It won't be the same, but at least it will be something.

Formerly Kestrel

Yes, I met the news with resignation, at least at first. Then later it really bugged me and hurt and I didn't want more change. But I'm learning that things have a purpose, and when they've served their purpose, it's time to let them go. I don't know enough, nor do I really have the time, to commit to helping run AP. If it stays, I will be overjoyed! I'm very excited for APO and this next season of it all... and I'm glad I'll still have the accountability to keep writing.

I'll miss the spaciousness of the castle, but a tight cabin will knit closer friendships.

And happy birthday. :) I'm so thankful for your critique and encouragement on my writing and blog, and lately your help with piano tuning as well! God bless you richly! :) 

I was mostly resigned to the closing at first, but the more I thought about it the more upset I got. I'm really glad Mary made the Outpost, but I'm still going to miss this place more than words can express. I am extremely grateful to Ben for making it for us and keeping it going for so long, though. It's been wonderful while it's lasted.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! I was about to say that you have the same birthday as Bilbo and Frodo, but then I realized you posted this yesterday. So happy belated birthday!

Pain hurts, but it makes you stronger.  War is terrible, but it brings peace.  Age brings gray hairs, but makes you wiser.  Apricotpie's death is bitter, yet some how sweet...like telling a dieing friend that they were a hero, and you can't wait to see them in heaven.

I'm filled with joy to hear the news about Apricotpie Outpost (plus the name rocks!)

Happy (late) Brithday James! I hope that AP will still be here on mine. I've been here for all most two years, and I'm sad to see the place go...or will it?