Where Are You Men? Where Are Your Pens?

Submitted by James on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 02:40

I stand in the midst of a thousand hands,
Each one writes a thought, drafts a poem grand,
That mournfully drifts over desert sands,
Or tells of the kings in a distant land.

Now some hands are picked for a noble cause,
To write on the gates for all eyes to see.
Now my hand is picked; for with Ben’s applause
My essays and poems with his sense agree.

The Writing at Apricotpie begins!
Hear now our thoughts; here are our pens.

Now stand twenty-eight of our working hands,
Yet now, some are stilled, finding writing bland,
And more still are caught in life’s busy strands,
With hardly an hour for a pen in hand.

Yet still I make poems, draft each line and clause
And make time to write; for I know I can.
But now, all around, what I see gives pause:
Of all who still write, I’m the only man.

I fearlessly take out my ink again:
Though but one man, here is my pen!

I stand now surrounded by wondrous strands
Of beautiful works in a glorious land,
That pierce like swords, burn like cold iron brands:
Each made by the thought of a woman’s hand.

One writes of great themes, of faith, hope, and love;
Another, a half-brother’s tale, who ran;
A third weaves an epic of stars above;
A fourth of a home in a Grandpa’s plan.

How noble, the writings I find herein!
Women they are; each wields her pen.

I stand in amazement at these great strands,
Together it’s like a symphonic band:
A beautiful chorus, yet missing the strings
An Orchestras has, which give depth to its ring.

So to this mosaic of sweet turquoise hue,
I add my own voice with its bold male blue.
I put up my poems, take my tales from the floor,
And nail all my theses and works to the door.

Look now! Midst the flowers, a man has stepped in.
Here now my voice! Here is my pen!

I write out an epic of wonderful things:
A creation, a people, the song that they sing,
And then of the fall and the sorrow it brings.
I pause; in this band I’m the one lonely string.

Where are all the fiddles, violas and cellos?
Our group’s incomplete; we’re bereft of the fellows.
Whenever one puts up her work for our view,
I’m the only man there – there’s not even a few.

Unbalanced this is, like a fish without fins.
Where are the men? Where are their pens?

Men write well, yes surely, and of such great things,
And often enough, to have something to bring.
Yet days, weeks, and months pass, and not one man brings,
A poem, a story, save me. Why this thing?

I can’t complement all these ladies myself.
They write every month! Now, please, I need some help.
Are we really a witless and dull-headed bunch?
Can't our gender together write one fourth as much?

At the gate, only my face is seen of the men’s.
Where are you men? Where are your pens?

I write now a challenge, among other things:
That one other man lend his voice: that he sing!
Pay heed to my call, though my satire has stings;
The man who steps forth has the heart of a king.

Return men, and write! The throng eagerly waits;
And hang up your posts at the apricot gates!
Bring now your brave colors, yes, bold male blue
To join with the turquoise and pink-purple hue.

Give ear to my call, as the air my voice rends!
Come all you men! Come with your pens!



I was grinning ear to ear from the second verse on.  I love this; you're a very talented poet.
And thanks for the compliment to all of us!

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This was great! Well, now we will all have to give you a prize for being the last man standing. Love this poem, quite so. :)


I caught those references! Which one of us is pink-purple? Ha.

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief

I love it! You are truly a great writer.

I am very ashamed I have not taken part in joining these great women in hanging my posts on the apricot gates! :D

Yes, where is Ezra? I was really enjoying his story, Ellyra's Song, and then, he left! Well, James, your writing is good enough to make up for the lack of other men being here :)

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That was really fun and clever.  :)  It's strange, now that you mention it, I miss all the men. :/ 

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Such fun. :-) Yes, I've noticed this too...I think it's just because boys generally don't care for writing and reading as much as girls do (this is a very broad generalization, of course. There are exceptions). I'd actually love to think of my writing as being turquoise, but I'm afraid it's been grey lately--a sort of shiny grey, like stainless steel appliances.

I was chuckling quite a bit as I read this. This is great! I like all the satire woven through it. It's true, you are the only guy--bravo, James! Oh, and thanks for including Halfblood.
@Kestrel--yeah, you're right, a lot of Christian fantasy is writen by men....weird... :0)

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

 I have noticed the absence of men around here as well.  It has occurred to me that perhaps that absence is feeding itself - guys are reluctant to join/write because of the lack of other guys.  But if anything will bring an end to that vicious cycle, this poem will!

Well done, James, well done!  This poem was well-crafted and well-thought out, besides being humorous and delightful!  Thank you for the reference to The Shadow Fields, as well as all of the other more general compliments paid to all the ladies of Apricot Pie.

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Awesome poem! Quite fun. I caught some of the references as well. :-D

Where are all the guys?


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"

Ha, I love this!

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

I really enjoyed this. And I feel quite honored to be included, as well as my writings being considered noble. I do consider the calling of writing for Christ's glory noble, I never dared to think that my own writing to have reached that standard.

At first when I started this I thought it was a call for the return of biblical manhood - something we need so much more than writers. If there were no male writers on here anymore, but I knew that they were pursuing biblical manhood, they would be forgiven. :) 

Sorry man, didn't mean to leave you hanging like that. Been meaning to write, just haven't. Creative way to get our attention though! Nice job.

Bridget:  Thank you, and you're welcome.

Sarah:  Thank you.  Exactly.

Hannah W:  A Prize?  Hopefully I'm not really the last man standing --

Anna:  Good for you!  Pink Purple Hue: who else but you?  Heh heh.  No, actually, it's intended to be (along with turquoise) a generic female color.  It comes out of the sterotype girl pink vs. boy blue -- I added purple and turquoise because it worked.

Maethorwen:  Thanks!  And don't be ashamed; just keep writing.

Kestrel:  Yes, Ironic.  Maybe they just don't like writing on websites...

Laura Elizabeth:  Ezra's busy.  He's got a lot to do before he graduates from the Merchant Marine Academy this June.  I still would like to have another guy writing frequently here with me.

Claire Marie:  I regret that I didn't put in a line about "And there were three."  I only had four lines to work with, though; I would have had to drop one of the other references.

Annabel:  Regretably, your broad generalization is correct, in my opinion.  I wish it was different.  Still, though, I think it's gotten posatively lop-sided.

Heather:  As I told Bridget:  Thank you, and you're welcome.  Glad you caught the reference.

Mary:  Interesting theory.  And again, thank you, and you're welcome, and I'm glad you caught the reference.

KatieSara:  Thanks!  Indeed.  Good!  I wish I knew.

Erin:  Thanks!

Kyleigh:  Your point is true.  Nonetheless, it still seems disproportionately disproportionate.   It feels kind of weird being the only guy who ever posts anymore.  But yes, they are forgiven if they are pursueing biblical manhood.

Taylor:  YES!!!!  *Queue Halleluja Chorus*  A fellow man finally comments!  Now, if we can just get you to post...


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Well done James! I'm 15, does that count as a man? (well I'm a young man) I've often wondered the same thing my self. I've even tried to get some of my friends to join but they all say they ether don't write or don't use the internet. (Blast it!)

One of my friends who doesn't write is one heck of an editor though. He's helping me on a book. (which may pop up around here sometime.)


Yes, as long as you've got a Y-chromosome, you're a man in my book.  And yes, a keyboard is fine.  It's called "virtual pen."  Keep writing, and don't give up recruiting!

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle