And Yet Another Unique Memory

Submitted by Joy J. on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 04:12

We rode along in our long, dark blue van, my siblings and me squished and cramped between brightly colored bags, pillows, and blankets! Yet, despite the lack of personal space, we all we glad to be there, pearing out the windows, gazing up at the wondrous mountains of Yellowstone National Park. Patches of snow scattered about their green and brown surfaces, and tears came to my eyes at the beauty of my Creator.

Our cameras and phones ready, we admired buffalo slowly trudging along the side of the winding road, exclaimed at the more rare sighting of Bighorn sheep, and wondered at the beauty of the terrain.

Traveling farther down the winding road, our large vehicle came upon a sparkling lake of surpassing beauty, with large green trees enclosing the water's edge and a small rocky shore just to our left. Eagerly we bounded out of the car to the water's edge and admired the water. No sooner had we been on the shore more than a minute or two than our dad started to skip stones across the water's surface. We all begged him to show us how to make the small stones bound on the lake! Soon we all were picking up small pebbles, and sending them flying towards the water, attempting to allow the flattest part of the stone to land on the lake's surface, which allowed it to skip so.

After trying multiple times, and only succeeding a small number of them, I joined my sisters in grabbing handfuls of the smallest rocks and dirt and tossing them into the lake like raindrops disturbing the water's slumber.

Laughing and smiling, we all piled into the car and continued down the narrow road to see what other surprises awaited us.

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