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So, a lot's changed since my last post on here.I suppose the best way to provide an update is to post my most recent tumblr update.
It's hard to remember warmth. It's hard to remember summer. There is only the crunch of snow masking the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the leaves above waiting to make a sandwich with the snow.
I went to the nurses’ office the other day. ”Does your throat hurt? Do you have a headache?” No more so than normal. And there’s allergies and awkward sleeping habits and I work 8-12 some nights and there’s always at least three reasons for everything,
I woke up six minutes before class the other day and still made it there. My least favorite class. Can I have a cookie for being so responsible, or did the alarm clock’s failure negate it?
Graduation’s in a month and a half and I haven’t applied for any jobs yet.. But I have 10 credit hours this quad, I work fifteen to seventeen hours a week on campus, I volunteer with Awana from six to eight thirty every Tuesday night, I have no car so I have to bike if I want to pick up groceries or those Big Finish CDs that came in by interlibary loan, and oh yes, my college requires an average of three 40-minute chapels a week. Not to mention that my roommate is working on a dance routine for next quad and it’s so energetic that she keeps the windows open while she’s practicing it. (Not a non inquisitor. Exercise=body heat=open window when it’s 43 degrees out)
Even though it’s just me in the room, I have the DW season seven soundtrack down as low as it can go because I need to just hear myself think. Haven’t done much of that lately.

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Thanks for sharing. I like the whole musing feel of this, and the way you ended it made ME think about MY life. What are you studying for?

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