Dear Readers

Submitted by Kassady on Fri, 07/05/2013 - 14:58

Dear Readers, few in number but loyal and so kind!

Thank you so much for all your comments, critiques and encouragement! It really, really, really means the world to me! Every comment is treasured gold, even if it's just a ":D" to tell me that you read something of mine. Your comments fuel my inspiration, urging me to write.
So, with hanging head, I apologize to any of you that might be waiting for another chapter of something you've started to read of mine... I know I must have started about a million new stories and I'm sure it's annoying to any of you who read frequently (thank you for hanging tight!). I really, truly appreciate your patience. I am awed by your ability to keep reading my posts, even though I hardly ever finished them. THANK YOU!

And...yes, I have started a new story. But this time it's all planned out on a plot planner line, inspired by Martha Alderson and her book "The Plot Whisperer" (LOVE IT!). So... as soon as I'm done writing the first draft of the first few chapters, I will be posting on AP (if your in the least bit interested).
My new story is a sci-fi/fantasy, action story, and I've done.... A LOT of research for it :P So that will be posted soon-ish.

I'm going to try to refrain from writing any other story, until this one is finished... so... a very huge apology to anyone whose still interested in Reflecting the Sea, and Charlotte Green (did post chapter 4, don't know if anyone has read it yet? Or wants to).

Thank you again to you few, but awesome, loyal and incredible readers.

To Homey-- THANK YOU!!! You are the bestest friend ever! I have no idea why you haven't yelled at me yet for started story after story. Thank you for reading all of it! Especially when it was really bad *grimaces at first draft of The Three... and the Massady's (Oh gosh!)*. You've stuck with me through my WHOLE writers growth process. You've left me AMAZINGLY AWESOME comments which inspire me to be better! Thank you for not only being my bestest friend, but also for being my most loyal and wonderful reader!!! Love ya SSS!!!!

To Erin-- YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL of your encouragement, wonderful critiques and comments! I really, really, really look up to you and it feels so awesome to check my posts and see that you've commented on them, it's like getting feedback from a famous author (which you are on AP! And will be all over the world!). Your feedback and words of wisdom have really built me up and have helped me in my writing. Thank you for helping me grow into a better writer! You are amazing!

To Kyleigh-- Even though we haven't seen eye to eye on a few subjects (haha) you still comment and give me feedback on my writing. You are so constructive and so, so, so kind! I really appreciate all of your comments, and your critiques help me tremendously! Thank you for reading Charlotte Green, even when it didn't make much sense (or got boring :P). You have inspired me in many, many ways! THANK YOU!

To Sarah Andrews-- Thank you so much for reading my posts!!!! You are so encouraging! I want to read more of your posts in return, and I will at some point! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! You are incredible, thank YOU for helping my grow into a better writer, inspiring me with your wonderful and helpful comments! Stay super sweet ;) Thank you!

To Lucy Anne-- THAAAAAAAAAANKKKK YOOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!! Your encouragement and comments mean the world!!!!

To Maddi-- Thank you for reading GPS!!! I hope to create a plot planner line some time for that story and finish it, because I loved the characters in it, and I loved your sweet comments! Sorry for leaving you hanging! And thank you!!!


And now, I'm done!
Thank you all,
Write one....
Kassady :P

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