Dreams and Similarity.

Submitted by Kassady on Wed, 09/25/2013 - 16:28

I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately... and so has my mom! They all in some way shared a similarity, and I'm beginning to freak out. Because they all have to do with relationships.
So, my mom dreamed that I was in another room and she was asking me to do something and I called back "It's 3:00 and Matthew gets off of work soon!". That same night I dreamed that I was getting married (I believe? I can't remember much of it).
I also had a dream that I was planning a wedding with my fiance... but I can't remember much of that dream either. I remember being stressed in the dream, and that he wanted to see me on the wedding night but I told him shouldn't.
Just recently I dreamed that I lived in this kingdom, where there was a lot of battles going on, and the queen was evil. I was like... some common girl who worked in the castle I believe, and the kings friends son fell in love with me, and I fell in love with him. There was something where I went into this bathing room and I bathed in my clothes (don't ask me!) and the bathing woman saw something suspicious... I forgot what, something like the guy I loved walked in and we exchanged looks or something, and the bathing woman told me that "Somethingsare meant to be and somethings are best kept quiet." It was weird! Then there was a part, where the queen found out that we loved each other, and she was mad, so she separated us.
The king died, and I was told to carry his body (except I didn't see his body, just this pile of black scarves and silk and fabric) to the burial place which was far away. So a few other worker girls and I carried the black fabric, which supposedly held the kings dead body, and we carried it up this hill to this stone alter looking thing. And apparently I knew that somehow that I had traveled into the future, so we had to bring the kings body to the alter before anyone realized that his body wasn't there. We were successful. I turned around and saw my five year old cousin (whose been living with us) and she was older, but wearing rags and huddled in a corner. Two birds swooped in and plucked at her and scratched out her eyes. I grabbed her and carried her to another hill where I knew there were these healing men. I found them all sitting around this fire pit, and they were in fold out chairs (yeah) and they all dressed like homeless people. One gave me this soup with hotdogs in it and I took three bites of it. I asked the main medicine man if he could help me, he said no because I ate of their soup. Then I said "well you can heal my cousin then because she didn't have any soup" and then there was something where he wasn't pleased and he was trying to think of payment. He said something like "Okay I'll do it, only if you become mine" (it was really weird because he was old) and I told him that I'd never be disloyal to my love... and then I woke up....
Yep.... that was my dream? Why all this love and relationships? I don't get it.
Well... just wanted to write this out, get it out of my head. Sorry it's written so poorly and confusing.

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