Overlords part 8

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Kester was pacing. Again. It was the only thing that helped him. There were so many decisions to make! But the biggest question on his mind right now was how could he help Liadan?
He would have thought that she would be grateful, rejoicing to see some one who actually cared enough. But no.
Surely she realized what she had done? Perhaps she was shy?
Kester’s pacing progressed to stomping.
‘’ I can’t understand it!’’ he shouted as several advisors stood by. ‘’I was sure she would want my help!’’
‘’ Sir?’’ said one of the advisors hesitantly, a tall older man with grey hair, and light brown eyes. ‘’ Sir?’’ he said again. ‘’ Did you know Liadan?’’
Kester shook his head. ‘’ But I was sure she would want my help!’’
The advisor left the room, leaving Kester alone in his misery regarding Liadan.
Elfreda had gone so far. She was traveling through the most remote region she knew, Sormar. She had hoped that would find Gethin here and still did. She had to keep going no matter what.
Suddenly, she spotted a small village, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. A friendly looking older man was staring at her. Perhaps, he knew!
Elfreda waved. ‘’ Hey!’’ she said. The man smiled like he was enjoying a personal joke. ‘’ We had visitors pass by here not too long ago.’’
Her heart beat rapidly with excitement. She was hoping more than she had ever hoped before.
‘’ Did you by any chance see a young man pass through here? He would’ve be been tall, dark hair, a scar across his left cheek, no one with him, probably not very social, maybe said that his name was Gethin?’’
‘’ Well . . .’’ began the man, ‘’ I did see someone like you described.’’ Elfreda’s heart lifted. ‘’ But,’’ he continued, ‘’ he was traveling with some one else. The two of them wanted to know where Welmir’s Kingdom was from here. He never gave a traditional name. She said that he called himself Kinless.’’
Elfreda gasped. ‘’ She? She who?’’
‘’ Iva,’’ replied the man. ‘’ Nice girl.’’
‘’ WHAT?’’
Iva and Gethin were on their way. He was such a nice man, thought Iva, a gentleman. It was so nice to stay in a real home for a couple of days. Finally, they knew where they were headed. He had even given them a map.
Elandir said nothing to the men; dignity was the most important thing she had, and she would keep that, no matter what. To them, she supposed, she was something of a novelty for they kept looking at her. Jeering is more like it.
She tried not to let them see how worried she was. Had Iva simply forgotten about her? No, that wasn’t possible. What some terrible fate had befallen her? What if Iva was dead?
Gethin could see her in his dream. Iva had described Elandir to him. Elandir was short, but graceful, with curly golden-brown hair, and grey-green eyes. He knew that this was no ordinary dream, yet he choose not to fight it, no matter how much he wanted to. She seemed proud, and yet she was chained.
As Iva and Gethin walked along, Iva continued to chatter cheerfully, and somewhat nonsensically, making Gethin’s ears hurt.
He could find her; he knew it. He didn’t need help from any one, and he certainly didn’t need a map.
Carelessly, he tossed it into a nearby mud puddle. Iva looked horrified.
‘’ What did you just do?’’ she asked.
‘’ Isn’t it obvious? Don’t worry; I have gifts. We’re going to find her ourselves. We’re going to do this my way, and I don’t need help from any one.’’
Iva shook her head, and Gethin was secretly glad that Iva wasn’t like Liadan.
She had had enough. Liadan had tried for so long to be strong, but she couldn’t keep it up forever. She gasped, her head on the table, and she felt tears slide down her cheeks. Tears. No, stop this. You’re so weak. You’re so weak. But no matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t stop.
And then it was over. She felt wretched, hollow, and she hated herself for crying, but she learned one thing; she wasn’t invincible.
Dawn was breaking, and she felt as if she could never face them. But she would. She had changed her mind. She would go to Kester. It was only natural to want help.
She stood before Kester. He had thought that she would never come. As he looked at her,he felt more than pity. She was magnificent, even at her least beautiful.
Her glance was sure, and noble, though her eyes were rimmed with red. She held her head high, erect, though her long auburn hair was nothing more than a mass of tangles.
‘’ Liadan,’’ he said, ‘’ How can I help you?’’
‘’ I ask for your friendship, which you once promised me. It is right that I should have a friend since all have deserted me.’’
‘’ I give it gladly,’’ he said, ‘’ But Liadan, may you not have the friendship of those that you lost? Surely all it would take would be a word of regret over what could have happened.’’
‘’ You don’t understand!’’ cried Liadan. ‘’ It would be surrender!’’
‘’ If that’s surrender,’’ began Kester, calmly, softly, ‘’ what battle are you fighting?’’
Kester had hoped for deliverance from the Overlords and that had come. Now there was so much to rebuild, so much to do and yet he thought of Liadan. His heart ached for her. That she be well was something he wanted so much.
Iva wasn’t sure who was the greater fool, her, or Kinless. She should have never asked for his help, but then she would have been alone, all alone. She felt as if they would never find Elandir, but they had to. What if something terrible was happening to her right this minute. Iva shuddered.
‘’ Why did you throw the map away? We’re lost, lost, lost.’’ Her eyes looked up at him, sorrowfully.
‘’ Iva,’’ he said. ‘’ We will find her. I promise you. I have ways.’’
‘’ What ways?’’
‘’ I don’t want to talk about it.’’ She looked into his eyes, and he seemed fearful, but of what?
‘’ They do not blame you for making mistakes; that could happen to anyone,’’ said Kester. ‘’ But Liadan, as a friend, I tell you that you are stubborn for the wrong reasons. Stubbornness, when used for good, can overcome many things. But your stubbornness is not only hurting others; you’re hurting yourself.’’
‘’ I guess I should have been spouting off hope with my every word, like Gethin.’’ Her tone was sarcastic, and yet she lingered on his name.
She turned her face away from Kester, and then looked back, her eyes vulnerable.
They were on the right track; these were the woods through which Elandir had been lead, the woods which he had seen. They walked along, and somehow he could sense that people were nearby.
Then he saw the princess, those who were guarding her and Elfie?
He walked around Elandir, and those who were guarding her to Elfreda. He was furious. Elfreda glared at Iva. It seemed that she was equally furious.
‘’ What are you doing here?’’ he whispered.
‘’ Trying to find you. What are you doing here?’’ she whispered back, again looking at Iva.
‘’ Attempting to rescue a princess.’’
‘’ That really doesn’t sound like you. You don’t . . . don’t?’’ Her voice wavered.
‘’ Don’t what?’’ asked Gethin. Elfreda sighed.
‘’ You don’t like her, do you?’’
‘’ Who, the princess?’’
‘’ No; you just met her! The girl!’’ said Elfreda, almost raising her voice.
‘’ Oh? Her? No.’’ The no sounded very definite. Elfreda smiled.
‘’ Did you bring your weapons?’’ he asked Elfreda.
‘’Of course,’’ she said.
‘’ Come fight with me. Let’s attack the guards together. Then we’ll have a sure chance.’’
‘’ You’re crazy, Gethin, crazy, going on a mission like this without any real help, but that’s why I like you.’’
Meanwhile Iva really was going crazy, crazy with impatience.
She ran over to Gethin and Elfreda. ‘’ The princess is waiting. She. Needs. Your. Help. ‘’
‘’ Of course,’’ said said Gethin indulgently. He looked at Elfreda. His eyes gleamed. ‘’ Ready?’’ he asked her. ‘’ As ever.’’ she replied.
And suddenly Gethin and Elfreda were upon the guards. Though they were slightly outnumbered, Gethin and Elfreda were more than a match for all the guards. The guards had not the skill nor the passion that was matched against them. Soon all the guards lay on the on ground.
But Elandir was still bound with intricate knots.
‘’ What about the knots?’’ asked Gethin.
‘’ No fear. My father, Valerius taught me of such things.’’
He watched her patience, and the delicate touch of her fingers in amazement. He saw skillful beauty in her movements.
Once Elfreda had unbound Elandir, she thanked them both and promised the highest honors in her kingdom.
And then she saw Iva. Elandir ran forward to meet her. ‘’ Iva? Is it really you? How did you make here? You’ve been so faithful to me.’’
And Iva explained how in her wanderings she had met Gethin.
Elandir informed Welmir of her escape and capture. She came back to her kingdom to begin her rule, and had much work to do.
The fame of Elfreda and Gethin spread across the land. Meanwhile, Liadan began to rebuild her relationships with the villagers of Marlind. In truth, there were still murmurings against her, but most were softened by her humble spirit. Liadan and Marta began a tentative friendship, though it would be before Marta could fully trust her.
‘’ Much good has been done here,’’ said Liadan. ‘’ But I must go to Elandir’s Castle, where Gethin is now living, and beg forgiveness for my faults, which I fully admit,’’ she said with a rueful smile.
‘’ May joy go with you!’’ he cried as she ventured out.
In Elandir’s Castle, they were having a grand feast. The hall was decorated, and everyone was finely dressed. In was midday and the roof was made of glass. The sun’s light shone down upon the crowd.
Gethin looked at Elfreda whose clothing looked different from what she usually wore and was quite beautiful. She had a crown made of golden leaves, and she wore a knee-length dress of a light almost transparent green, which looked like the color of forest leaves being hit by sunlight.
As they were about to begin Liadan ran through the door. It was clear that from her appearance that she had been long on her feet, without much rest.
At that moment it didn’t matter what had happened between them; she needed rest.
Gethin spoke to Elandir.
‘’Come, ‘’ she said. ‘’ You may join us all.’’
But Liadan shook her head. ‘’ No,’’ she said. ‘’ I have come to say what I must to Gethin.’’
‘’ Gethin, first of all, I want to say that I love you. Please, forgive me for my faults. You don’t have to carry this burden with you; it can only hurt, destroy. Let not our pride stand between our love.’’ Her eyes looked towards his, searching, uncertain.
As the crowd watched, Gethin ran forward, Gethin who had so often been stern and silent. And there were tears in his eyes, tears for the sister that he had lost, and tears of joy for the sister that he had gained.
‘’ If you can forgive so can I.’’
Clapping resounded in the hall, at the sight of the reunited brother and sister. And they feasted.

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 This chapter seems to in a lot of parts with a lot of characters, but they aren't separated well, so that was confusing. I'm glad Liadon and Gethin are reunited, although his arrogance is bothering me. Elfreda doesn't anymore, because she's kind of cute when she's all posessive. :)

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief