The Wanderer

Submitted by Kathleen on Thu, 08/30/2012 - 02:57

He had no helm, nor blade of steel
while wandering ‘cross the moor
A snowy owl flew near to him;
he knocked door to door.

His shadowed cloak went gusting in the wind
and flew across the breeze.
But few would hear his tale for they
were slightly ill at ease.

His hair was starlight gleaming through night
often hidden but yet there
and when he drew back his dark hood
they’d see his starlight hair.

A wanderer without a name, had not
what was said to be home;
But when the morn broke on the hill
he’d lay his head upon his stone.

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Great description; I love it.

"and when he drew back his dark hood
they'd see his starlight hair."

My favourite bit. Starlight hair. Oh, it just sounds so nice.

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Uh, hi...Kathleen! ...or is it Aredhel?

Anyways. I really love the simple rythmn of this lovely poem! You chose your words wisely because they stirred up a picture in my mind eg. snowy owl and starlight hair. Great job!

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I love all your poetry - it has such a Tolkienesque feel, this one especially.
I want to meet this wanderer.
Well done!

Hey Kyleigh!
Thanks so much. I love Tolkien, so for me, that's a huge compliment! And who knows, I might write a story, and then you could meet him.

Hey Kathleen, I was just wondering where you got your recent picture from. If you could email it to me or give me the link, it'd be really appreciated. I like to draw; and this just struck my fancy.

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Hey, Kathleen! I didn't guess who you were till I started reading (your picture wasn't showing up), and then I thought, "This poem sounds like Aredhel..." And it's lovely, by the way. It should have a story to go with it.

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