Favorite Word(s)
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Who am I?

After 11 years on Apricotpie, I am finally updating my charmingly juvenile description. I think I shall leave most of the original structure in place, however.

I am Keri, my last name starts with a T (now it's W).

I live in the Evergreen state (still true). Writing is one of my favorite things to do (I have been on a journey of rediscovering this lately) and Paris is my destination for when I am successful (I am a restaurant manager which doesn't exactly pay for Paris even when successful). Also, I would like to say that I always thought it very odd that the setting for one's background color is located in the personal information (a relic from the ancient days of this website?) Just saying....

My life now: I'm an old married woman now. I had a young son who demands much of my time. I have been through a very dry spell in my writing. Life can be so dizzying and exhausting that you forget to seek the things that give you joy. When you stop seeking, they stop seeking you as well. When I used to write, there was a magical feeling. An excitement. A joyful pride. It's taken a great deal of work, but I can see the magic beginning to glimmer at the edges of my vision again. I will keep working. And I will visit this lovely place often. Hello again,

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