My Life in this Moment

Submitted by Keri on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 05:11

I have been longing to write something on Apricotpie for months, but I can't write long works without a computer. Alas, my life does not permit sitting at the computer isolated in the corner of the house. So, instead of something eloquent or a fanciful story, here is a snapshot of the things that go through my head in a day written while a baby was sleeping on me from my cell phone.

1. Yes! You only got my face and boobs! Now I don't have to change my shirt.
2. Can I go pee while holding a baby?
3. I like to look at pictures of my baby while holding my baby.
4. I could get a, b, and c done while you're asleep, but I think I'll cuddle you longer.
5. Oh! He's laughing! No, wait, he's crying.
6. Baby doesn't feel well? STOP. EVERYTHING.
7. Do I change the diaper now, or sleep more? It's okay if it overflows if the pee only lands on me.
8. Haven't pooped in two days? Bracing self for master blaster.
9. I don't like how often you're eating because that means you're going to grow again! You just grew last week, dang it, stay small longer! Also, I'm kind of tired of feeding you every day 45 minutes.
10. Sleeping peacefully? Nope, I want to pick you up.
11. They say it's hard to teach the baby to be happy without being held, but it's harder to teach myself to live without holding the baby.
12. He's crying? Let me feed him!
13. I fell asleep while feeding you again and now your diaper is about to overflow.
14. I love that singing and talking to you makes you laugh, but your daddy is going to kill me if he hears "You are My Sunshine" one more time.
15. Already crying about going back to work and leaving my boy to be raised by STRANGERS. Aka, both grandmas.
16. Will I still be your whole world if I'm gone for 9 hours a day? Why can't daddy make more money?
17. I wonder if people will be able to tell this shirt has spit up on it, or if I should change?
18. He's smiling...grab the burp cloth!
19. I really need to delete some of these 600 pictures on my phone. Proceeds to delete 3 pictures.
20. Is it my turn to hold the baby yet?

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Yay for cell phones to write things on while holding sleeping babies! It's amazing what you can learn to do one-handed or with a sleeping baby on you. I used to type one-handed when our first was a newborn and only slept on me so I could get longer stuff written! All of this made me smile, especially #1... as much as I hate spitup it's so nice when it doesn't require a change of clothes!