Privacy promotes Peace

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Opener: An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi (Muhatma Gande)

Privacy is undervalued and therefore needs to be valued more in order to promote Peace.

I stand Resolved that: Privacy is undervalued!

Thesis: In certain situations in life we have conflicts and these problems can be solved by the simple

Raising up of Privacy, to produce Peace.

Logic: In all situations in life we encounter conflicts weather with a relative, friend, or co-worker. These

Conflicts expose who we really by how we respond and What we do to find a solutions to these conflicts

and promote Peace. I believe that Privacy should be valued more we can achieve a greater degree of Peace in certain areas in our lives.

My Value in this round is V: Peace

The Oxford Dictionary defines Peace as-- freedom from disturbance; tranquility:

My Criterion is what we use to attain and achieve my Value is that of C: Privacy

Which is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as -- the quality or state of being apart from company or observation : seclusion


But why is the Value of Peace so valuable it is because peace is the foundation of all other rights. Because when we lose peace we have conflicts which can lead to war just like in what we see with World War 2 since Hitler Undervalued the Privacy of the Jews it ended up being one of the Factors that started World War 2. And when Wars start we lose other values such as Life, Freedom, Human dignity, Security, and lots of other really important Values. That is why supporting Privacy is so important because of we lose Privacy we lose a whole lot more. Just like at the beginning with my Quote we need to not take Revenge but find a solution.

My Outline of my case is:

C1: Same-sex Marriage

C2: Union Card Checks

C3: Parental Rights

C1: Same-sex Marriage

Conflict: Same sex marriage is legal in Washington state. The Referendum 74 bill that went through Washington can now be seen online with all signatures on the bill just type in their name and it will give you their address. This is an undervaluing of our privacy but the worst part is when sectary of Washington state release these signatures and encouraged people to give these people uncomfortable conversations. I could go on to and look up our elderly neighbor who if someone were to come and attack or harass her there wouldn't be much she could do.
If we raised Privacy of the signers then we would not have this problem and there would probably be more signers because there would be less fear of harm and we might be able to stop bad bills.


Now no long will we have these people fight because one of them has signed the bill. Peace because of


C2: Union Card Checks


Union card card checks are now legal in Washington state and other places where this process eliminates the secret ballot by causing workers to vote in front of their fellow co-works. This is an Undervaluing of our Privacy because it causes us to A. Make the RIGHT chose and possibility suffer the consequences or B. Make the WRONG choice to not risk harm of their family. This is a major problem.
Example 1.
“on the day before the election, a bargaining unit employee approached another employee and solicited her to sign a union authorization card. The card solicitor allegedly stated that the employee had better sign a card because if she did not, the Union would come and get her children and it would also slash her car tires.”
Example 2.
Former United Steelworkers organizer Richard Torres wrote in a February 2007 letter to the House Education and Labor Committee that he quit his job when a union official “asked me to threaten migrant workers by telling them they would be reported to federal immigration officials if they refused to sign checkoff cards.”
This is all the more reason to prove that Union Card Checks are a Problem.

These Union Card checks are a dangerous thing but all we need to do is not allow these Card Checks and go back the Private Ballots then we won’t have Frightened people sign cards so start a union. This has a simple solution and we must take it and use it.


Now people won’t be bullied in signing onto a Union that they don’t want to and their Families will not be at risk of harm and these unions won’t get start because some people scaring others into signing a Card Check. Peace Because of Privacy.

C3: Parental Rights


The problem is many people believe that Parents are not qualified to teach their children. Now there is a conflict and these Parental rights are being destroyed this is wrong and this is a major problem because their parent is now being pressured from the outside by others and this can affect their child’s education for the worse.


If we have more Privacy in the home people would not have these conflicts for they would be able to choose wither to homeschool their Children or not. Then the Parents can make the right choice. Then the child education can be strong and it can be the best one there is.


No more arguments will become of this should a parent have full rain over their child and now the child can have a secure education. Peace Because of Privacy


So because of my 3 Contentions have proven that Privacy is Undervalued that it is Harming our peace which a lack of peace leads to a lack of 1. Express one’s own opinions 2. Exercise one’s own Freedom and 3. Training a Child with a Parental Right. We also lose other great Values

I Firmly urge a Affirmative Ballot!!

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You were listening to me! That's surprising.
Anyways, I looked up your family, and as far as I can tell, three people from your family signed the bill. :) I just undervalued your privacy. :P

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